Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Science Has Begun To Prove the Existence of A Creator

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a Cambridge educated biologist who has - along with his wife - opened up large areas of research that have been ignored for 120 years. He's a controversial figure, but only the most dogmatic and inflexible scientists fail to see what he sees, and what is becoming more and more obvious every day. Particularly, due to the global catastrophe of the Wuhan Virus and the so-called "vaccines", which neither stop the spread or protect its users, a philosophical change of course is vital. Our response to the virus has done vastly more damage than the viruses themselves. In fact, terrible vaccine side-effects like heart inflammation and immune system breakdown are sickening and killing a shocking number of victims.

The problem is, actually, that money, status, and power have corrupted our medical systems all over the globe. Philosophical differences are holding back true progress for humanity:

        Dr. David Berlinski, world renowned molecular biologist and physicist.                   Author of The Devil's Delusion, a treatise on Darwin and evolutionary                   theory. He proves that it's a failed concept with no real answers to the                   mystery of life.