Sunday, September 12, 2021

Four Scientific Proofs That God Created the Universe and All Life

Number 1: The so-called Big Bang is recognized by 95% of astrophysicists as an inarguable fact. In a single moment - probably 13.7 billion years ago - all of space, time, and matter came into being out of nothingness. Our minds can't conceive of this. It's a miracle of all miracles. 

Number 2: The physical universe we see at night, or through the Hubble Space Telescope, is inconceivably huge. The light that comes here from the farthest edge of the cosmos shows galaxies in their earliest stage of creation; blurry orange embryos of star groups organizing themselves. But the most incredible thing is the light shows a "red shift", which means they're accelerating away from us at nearly the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second. What is the force pushing them outward? It's a total mystery that astrophysicists call "dark matter". It's something that can't be detected, but incredibly, 
makes up 80% of the universe:


Number 3:  The DNA codes in the cells of every living thing are literally blueprints for the thing it will become. It's so unbelievably complex that until powerful supercomputers came along in the 1990s, science had no hope of understanding the DNA codes. The breakthrough came when geneticists succeeded in isolating the codes of the most basic life form that could be worked with, the tiny nematode worm. It took years, but the scientists finally detected 3,000,000 DNA "bases"; just 3% of the one-hundred-million DNA bases of the simplest worm on the planet (Link)
We humans are, needless to say, vastly more complicated. Our organs work with unbelievable efficiency and harmony - most of the time. 
The decoding of human DNA was recently accomplished, and now we know there are extremely specific molecular instructions within us that can't possibly have been accidental. Exactly like computer software it can't write itself, and the slightest error will crash the system. Mutations mean destruction in almost every case. Darwin's evolution model falls apart completely. There's no way he or any other scientists before the age of computers could have known what we're beginning to understand:

Number 4:  Thanks to supercomputers and the mathematics they can so easily work with, we've discovered an extraordinary pattern to all of nature. It's being referred to as "the thumbprint of God" and is extremely entertaining as well as intellectually challenging. If you don't enjoy math, skip ahead to the 12:00 mark:


Even if we have no religious training or faith, these evidences should remove every shadow of doubt. If you think these truths are purely accidental, then you must also believe that King Louis XIV could have stumbled upon the Palace of Versailles and just moved in:


This video by one of the world's finest geneticists will explain why, thanks to modern computers, Darwin's theory is deeply flawed and can't be supported: