Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Death Is An Aberration; God Wants Us and All His Creations To Live Forever

It's marvelous to see the great temples of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Byzantium. Without mathematics like ours, and using only the most simple tools and lifting equipment, massive and hard stones were intricately cut and lifted into high places. Similarly, the dazzling cathedrals from the 11th and 12th Centuries in Europe couldn't be built as well now.

The hand-built churches and palaces of Renaissance Italy, Germany, France, and Spain are often over four hundred years old. They're beautiful and in good repair because people have always spent fortunes to travel from all over the globe to appreciate their beauty and the cultures that built them. Great craftsmen of genius designed and built for a future they would never see and couldn't have imagined. For them it would be unthinkable to build something great and not plan for it to endure through many centuries, until Christ returned to our world:

The more beautiful, delicate, and wondrous something is, the more its creator will want it to endure forever. God is the ultimate craftsman, and eternal life is the natural state for everything He makes. We men and women are God's highest achievement; for the last act of His creation - after the universe and earth - were Adam and Eve

Death is an aberration to the Lord. Would anyone want their creations to fall apart and die? There is an answer to the riddle of our decay and death. God placed in us a love for adventure and discovery that will lead us to Him if we have a working moral compass that points to the moral True North:

All people alive today have a chance to gain entry to an eternal Paradise of joy, freedom, and pleasure. Will you ask the Creator for guidance?