Monday, June 15, 2020

Don't All Black Lives Matter?

In the United States of America, from 2017 until the Chinese virus wrecked the economy, African Americans experienced record employment and income increases, along with other minorities. But you would never know that if you have been listening to the global media propaganda machine.
An alarming new organized crime cartel, calling itself Black Lives Matter, has been spreading lies all over the western world, and all of global civilization is endangered. Their methods embrace violence, arson, and murder. Entire towns and cities have been permanently damaged by them and the mobs they incite. Tragically, blacks and other minorities are usually hurt the most or killed. 
What's more shocking is the craven weakness of large corporations like Nike and the National Football League, who pay out millions of dollars to BLM and Antifa (another crime cartel) to buy "protection" from attacks of "racism!" and the destruction of their property. This is the classic "shakedown" used by the Mafia, cocaine cartels, and other criminals since time began (LInk).
Ironically, all money donated to BLM is funneled through ActBlue Charities, a Democratic Party controlled entity (Link). And the cities BLM complains about are all controlled by Democrats, and have been for at least half a century.  

The whole reason Black Lives Matter exists, say their leaders, is to "stop the murder of unarmed African Americans by police forces everywhere." This is a lie. In all of the United States in 2019, only ten unarmed African Americans were killed by police. Five years ago the situation was much worse. In 2015, during President Obama's term, thirty-eight unarmed blacks were killed. There were no protests then, except for Ferguson, MO. Far more unarmed whites per capita are shot by police.
Meanwhile, cold blooded murders of policemen have soared, even though most precincts today are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and often commanded by African Americans or other ethnic men and women. 

In a single city, Chicago, IL, over 500 murders took place in 2019. According to the FBI, almost 80% of those murdered were black, and almost 80% of the murderers were black. This year will see a higher murder rate than 2019, when over 7,000 blacks were murdered. Has Black Lives Matter ever cared about or even mentioned those black lives?  Many more policemen of all races were murdered in cold blood by African Americans in that year.
But don't take this author's word for it. Here is a veteran African American law enforcement expert:

Black Lives Matter is a major force pushing to "defund the police", who are the only force standing against criminal chaos and murders in the inner cities. Polls show that inner city working people value strong police presence, and they want more of it.
Since May, when BLM began calling for defunding the police, New York and some other cities obliged and fired large numbers of officers. The murder rate has soared. On Father's Day weekend alone Chicago saw 104 shootings, and 14 fatalities. Most were black. New York City's crime rate has soared. There has been a 100% increase in shooting victims this year.

Black Lives Matter is also openly against the traditional family. But the destruction of the African American family - which began in the 1960s - is the main, well-documented reason so many blacks end up in prison, welfare, or other dysfunctional situations. Fatherless boys  commonly end up in prison, as Barack Obama warned in 2016. Here are more details and statistics:

The world is being ripped apart by lies. Black "Lies" Matter is only one of many newly-minted Marxist, totalitarian, and organized crime cartels. Antifa is another, and behind these and many others is a billionaire career criminal named George Soros. He was born a Jew in Hungary, and literally grew up helping his father and the Nazi SS round up, rob, and transport Jews to death camps (link).

This author has met police in the most tortured communities in Philadelphia, and has witnessed astonishing professionalism, skill, and courage. Men and women of every ethnic and cultural background serve in these integrated precincts, and their lives are made ever harder by a malicious mayor (who insults them), a district attorney (who threatens them and releases murderers and felons by the score), and other craven politicians who aid the chaos. Police officers everywhere in the U.S. have targets on their backs. Why don't their lives matter?

Our lives and civilization could end overnight if we don't pray to God and work to defund Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Democrat Party, and all other organized crime cartels masquerading as political, cultural, or economic "reform" movements. They want totalitarian power, modeled on the Chinese Communist Party,  and culture war - which was perfected by Mao Tse Tung - is their specialty. They hate God. They are the children of Satan, the Father of All Lies. 

Be very alarmed by anyone who openly speaks in glowing terms about Marxism, socialism, and 'progressivism'. These terms guarantee that our human rights and individuality will be crushed by a powerful and irresistible state. Misery for all is inevitable, and it's a master plan that's been operating for over a hundred years:

Each of us must choose a side, a philosophy, between the Judeo-Christian God or His eternal enemy, the Devil.  Once there was a middle ground, and life was easier. But there's been a huge change, and everyone feels it. Your eternal soul is at stake. Choose well.