Thursday, May 7, 2020

Our Time Is Now; Pray To God For A Global Exorcism

Chances are you're unemployed and running out of money enough to live. The business you own or the one that employed you is shut down, and won't reopen soon, if ever. The reason why your government did this sounded convincing months ago; that there were going to be mass infections and deaths if everything wasn't shut down. But most of us don't know anyone who is infected, much less hospitalized or dead. The "expert's" estimates were horribly inflated, even in the countries most affected, like Spain and Italy.
The fact is the economic damage that's been done in almost all countries is more terrible than the Chinese virus predictions. 
Update,  Jan. 7, 2021, On the Wuhan virus "pandemic":

In the entire world there are 7.8 BILLION people.
There are 87,395,292 Chinese virus cases (fewer than 88 MILLION cases) in the world.
1,885,197 people have died from it in the whole world (fewer than 1.9 MILLION deaths).
62,917, 981 people HAVE RECOVERED from the Chinese virus (almost 63 MILLION people).
For this we've crashed the world economy, wiping out many TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of value, creating starvation in poor countries, economic ruin, a global recession, or worse. Suicides, bankruptcies, spousal abuse, and retarded growth of school children are barely mentioned. The "cure" for the Wuhan virus is worse than the virus itself. 
This whole pandemic fiasco is an evil lie.  Look at this:

Here in America the governors of many states with almost no fatalities have gleefully closed businesses, beaches, and parks; while ordering people to stay in their homes. It's actually property theft, house arrest, and a gross violation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lives are being destroyed wholesale.
But these authorities don't care, and many have been caught violating their own rules, cheating, and sending relatives out of the states they govern. They're even demanding tax money from the people and businesses they've ruined. 
A few months ago nobody thought this could ever happen in the United States of America. Nothing like this has ever happened. The American Civil War wasn't as damaging and destructive as this will turn out to be. 

Update: The mob violence we're seeing globally now is being encouraged and applauded by the same authorities who have been jailing people for going to their churches, hair salons, or beaches; because they weren't practicing "social distancing". 
Now thousands gather closely to burn and loot cities; and attack police and innocent bystanders. They aren't "social distancing" are they? The "deadly" Chinese virus always was a lie crafted to bring down civilization.

The European Union was designed - in principle - to ensure fair treatment for all its members in any crisis. But the wealthier EU nations have treated themselves much better than the poorer ones.

Ironically, one nation in Europe, Sweden (with over ten million people), refused to shut its economy down. They kept their restaurants, schools, churches, and shops open, with only one caveat: they suggested to their citizens that it might be a good idea not to gather too closely, and wearing a mask might keep infected people from transmitting the virus. That's all they did, and their infection rates and deaths per thousand are lower than a dozen other European countries that have ruined their economies for a generation. 
We know that drug addiction, suicides, depression, family disintegration, and deaths increase dramatically with high unemployment and economic failure. Deaths from these causes are already higher than the fatality rates from the Chinese virus. Suicides alone have exceeded deaths from the Chinese virus in several U.S. states.

Who benefits from these horrors and fatalities? The Father of All Lies, Satan, does. Maybe you don't believe he exists. Well, keep watching. Scroll down to the bottom of this article. The Evil is growing. Cities are burning. A blizzard of lies gushes from governments and media organs all over the world.

It's very clear that we're in grave danger of being enslaved by a totalitarian, Chinese-style world government. China (aka the PRC) is the world leader in spying - both on neighboring countries and their people - by every technical means. Literally millions of cameras with facial-recognition software are watching people everywhere in their cities:

You may be fined, arrested, jailed, and even killed if you offend the communist party there, and you may not even know why. They monitor every phone, know all about anyone they want to know, and even harvest the organs of living people against their will. Millions have vanished into death camps because they're Muslims, Christians, homosexual, or otherwise "undesirable". Over 21 million cellphone users disappeared since February with no explanation (Link).

Chinese civilization dates back to at least 1,250 B.C., when the first written records appear. But they never had a strong, ethical leader or religion. No Moses and Ten Commandments; no Jesus and his Apostles, or Last Judgment. Judeo-Christianity never took root there, in spite of the work of missionaries over the centuries. 
Buddhism had some effect in China over the millennia, but Buddhism is vague about morals, and teaches that good and evil are illusory. Belief in the existence of an afterlife or Heaven and Hell was actively discouraged by Buddha himself. Mao and his Communist Party liquidated priests and philosophers by the millions, even those who venerated Confucius and Laozi, the two greatest thinkers who ever lived in China. 

In October, 2014, the PRC's Communist Party leaders met to propose and adopt changes in national policy. One of these changes was named Party First, Law Second, which essentially placed their entire legal system in the hands of top leaders who could, on a whim, adopt new laws or remove any previously established law. From this point on, no contract or agreement - whether national or international - can have any binding significance. This retrograde step places China in the category of rogue nations, and no other nation or business entity is safe in believing that the PRC can or will honor any treaty or contract (Link).
A few years ago Party Secretary Xi Jinping was made President for Life, essentially a new emperor, who can do whatever he wills. Mao Tse Tung - who saw to the deaths of over 65 million of his people - is back, in spirit. 
Western leaders are highly alarmed at this totalitarian reversal from true representative government, and have said so. It threatens the well being of the world, and damages trust in China's true motives.

On May 14, 2019, the People's Daily newspaper in Beijing declared that there was from that day forward a "people's war" on the United States. (Link) The People's Daily is the purest voice of the Communist Party in China. In spite of the fact that they've enriched themselves enormously by having had unrestricted access to the American economy since 2001, and have cheated and gotten away with intellectual property theft and tariffs on U.S. exports, they are, quite predictably, furious. Asians in general, but the Chinese in particular, are rarely able to take criticism gracefully. However, lawlessness destroys trust, and can't ever be acceptable among trading partners, so President Trump called them to account. 
Wars are often unavoidable. China fired the first shot long before they published it in the People's Daily. They've been claiming others' territory and bullying their neighbors for over a decade.

On May 22, 2020, the PRC seized Hong Kong, in violation of every treaty they've signed since 1997, when the U.K. government returned the country to the Chinese people, according to a 100 year-old agreement.
(The PRC promised that there would henceforth be a "One country, two systems" policy for Hong Kong).
But now they've seized control of its government, courts, and businesses, essentially.  Private property will now be taken at their will and given to Communist Party members. Every Hong Kong citizen can be deported and imprisoned in mainland China for any reason, and many are, right now.

The PRC solemnly promised in 1997 to allow the citizens of Hong Kong the freedoms and relative independence they've always enjoyed, and which created astonishing wealth in the tiny province. Hong Kong is only 426 square miles in size, but has over 7.2 million citizens. Their annual gross domestic product (GDP) is over $365 billion dollars (U.S.), more than    $1 billion a day; which is an average annual income of more than $50,000 for each citizen. This exceeds the wealth of all but a few nations in the world, and is due to the extremely high level of economic freedom; and the trust they've earned in global markets for being a reliable and trustworthy safe haven for all assets. Now that is over, and nobody is safe.
The Chinese Communist Party has been sharpening its knives for years in the hopes of carving up Hong Kong. It will be interesting to see what it looks like in a few years. At the moment, it's very attractive. 
The PRC revamped Shanghai decades ago to make it an equal competitor with Hong Kong, but the totalitarian environment made global investors very wary and suspicious. Those fears are now validated by the fate of Hong Kong.

China's policies have created vast "ghost cities", which are like something from a science fiction novel:

The COVID-19 virus originated in Wuhan, PRC, and possibly on purpose. Their own doctors who discovered the virus and its deadly properties were silenced and punished. Some disappeared, and a few died of it. China refused - and is still refusing - to let any foreigners in to find out what those doctors knew. Many in the global media have refused to report what we know to be true, and they even parrot the PRC claim that U.S. soldiers planted the virus in Wuhan.
Yet only Australia and the United States are pursuing an investigation to find out the truth and COVID-19 details. Many governments have been openly threatened by the PRC. The Chinese told the U.S. that they would cut off the vital medicines it needs for the treatment of all diseases if the U.S. kept probing. Sadly, America has allowed the PRC to corner the market in drug production for twenty years.

Throughout the world fascist authoritarians are subverting our human rights to speak freely, assemble to petition our governments, or engage in the commerce we all need to have a decent life. 
This has happened with breathtaking speed. In almost every nation in the world we were duped into quietly complying by dire predictions of mass deaths from a mysterious virus.

Have you ever wondered why, in spite of 250 years of scientific progress, human evil has grown to planet-destroying strength? We're one step away from nuclear, chemical, or biological Armageddon. 
Since ancient times, but particularly since Sigmund Freud in the late 19th Century, science has studied the human mind and heart in every way possible or imaginable, hoping to be able to eliminate their evil impulses. This whole project has been a spectacular failure, and Evil metastasizes daily, for good reason. 

God created us to be his supreme accomplishment, His Magnum Opus. But God has a bitter and powerful enemy from those earliest days of Creation. This enemy has focused all his rage, jealousy, and vengeance on humanity, and has almost succeeded in degrading us beyond redemption. 
Satan is a counterfeit god. Just as God has millions of angels and seraphim, the Devil has a vast army of demons. Sometimes Satan is extremely seductive, like a prostitute with dazzling charm. Or he appears as an angel of light. Hollywood is his favorite and most powerful plaything. He loves to entertain. Often he puts on fantastic military shows, like Hitler's Nuremberg rally in 1936, or the Soviet Union's once-annual Red Square Marches of missiles, tanks, and gold-red banner-waving women with 100,000 soldiers behind them. Mao Tse Tung outdid them all in the Forbidden City of Beijing with twice as much of everything. Between Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, hundreds of millions died, and billions were wounded for life; far more than all the religious conflicts and wars in all of human history.

Until around 1900, humanity generally took it for granted that evil was real, that it originated in the human heart, and the arena of the heart was bordered and protected by faith in a good God. But the rise and successes of science gradually persuaded humanity that religion was an unnecessary and often dangerous delusion, that "God is dead". We are "naturally good" (said Rousseau and Voltaire), we don't need God, the philosophers said, and we are gods if only we know how to seize the opportunity.

This also meant that the Devil, a nightmarish relic from a primitive age, didn't exist, either. We smart humans were entitled to possess all the good things in life, didn't have to answer to anyone, and were in fact gods to ourselves. This is the core motivation of all evil. Satan celebrated as he never had before. We waltzed into his ancient trap, convinced we were life's lottery winners.
But death, misery, and Hell await all who are so deluded. The 20th Century taught that Hell does exist, and sometimes it's next door to us. 
If you don't believe the Devil exists, this may change your mind:

God has promised us that this world will be transformed, and He wants us to participate in the process. The first thing we must do is ask for help from the only force capable of removing evil. Like the prodigal son (Link), we have to ask our Father for forgiveness. Exorcism will be frightening, but it's a necessary first step. We who are with God can expect to see wonderful things. Why not try to contact God? There are millions of benefits:

Say "Yes" to God. Ask him to come into your life, and He will answer you. He may ask if you're serious, and willing to accept changes to your routine. Say "Yes", and He will help and reward you.