Friday, June 21, 2019

Prepare Yourself for the Promised Final Exodus

Every day it becomes more abundantly clear that Judaeo-Christian people of faith everywhere in the world are targets of the western Leftist, so-called "progressive" socialist-Marxists. They are agnostics, atheists, or even anti-theists, and go out of their way to attack God, Jesus, the Prophets, and Scripture. 
They say we're deluded, and religious faith is a danger to their utopian, ideal state, as Karl Marx said (Link). Being materialists with no spiritual understanding, they can only analyze things "scientifically", as they call it. "We are the party of science" they say.
But life is a mystery to science, still, and its processes are subtle, not open to purely rational analysis and dissection.
Leftists believe they have no need for the Laws of God, and they're convinced that they have godly power to determine what is right and what is wrong for everyone. They're eager to use governmental power to enforce their rulings, regardless of existing laws, and change them according to their whims. This isn't just dictatorship, it's totalitarianism; and coupled with new technology, it's becoming a terrifying reality for many. Red China is tracking and watching every citizen in their nation with computers and facial recognition cameras.

Attitudes about the unborn and newly-born are a barometer of the soul-less depravity of these individuals. Globally, "late-term abortion" (infanticide) is being legally sanctioned, even in the U.S., which is a diametric reversal of centuries of legal precedent and moral tradition. If an innocent baby in the womb has no value or rights, then nobody's life is safe from the State. Abortion on this present scale is Satanic. Honest people of faith see clearly that this is a monumental evil. (Link)

As if that weren't enough, Islamists in the 21st Century have persecuted, exiled, and murdered Christians and Jews all over the globe, but particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Many of these destroyed communities had lived, thrived, and worshiped there for 1,800 years.

It's massively ironic that the Left is deeply sympathetic to the radical Islamists who claim the Koran allows them to buy and sell slaves, kill gays, adulterers, victims of rape, women who don't dress or behave according to Sharia law, and "infidels"; people who disagree with them. Any group that hates Judaeo-Christians is just fine with the Leftist "progressives".
Our understanding of moral right and individual freedom is a major reason we're being attacked and killed wholesale, by the millions, to a degree never seen before:

Almost everyone on the planet has heard of the Exodus of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt, the second book of the Bible; an historical event that took place around 1450 B.C. 
The Jewish nation was born with the Exodus, when Moses led the Israelites out of Pharaoh's slavery, and it thrived in the generations that followed. Moses went on to establish the Ten Commandments given to him by God, as well as numerous other laws and instructions on how to live and worship the single God of all Creation, the source of our Western Tradition.
The successes of the United States and Israel are an outgrowth of their dedication to the God of the Bible. They are the only two nations in the world founded on and consecrated to the ideas of Exodus, and by extension, the New Testament:

Exodus and the revelations of Moses marked the birth of Ethical Monotheism, a new and controversial idea in that dark age of spiritual ignorance. In ancient days, different tribes and cultures were likely to worship a whole host of different gods, one for every aspect of nature (trees, rivers, weather, and animals) or human experiences (childbirth, planting, politics, and war). The Hindus of India today have literally thousands of gods.

Clearly, there cannot be many gods with multiple and contradictory creation stories. Science knows that our entire material universe operates on a fixed and unalterable set of physical laws. It's beyond perfect and infinitely greater than our minds can grasp, but by learning and understanding those laws, we can and have acquired great knowledge and wisdom. Today we find ourselves in a miraculous age of technology and medicine that our ancestors never conceived of. 

Before Israel existed, the idea that any god or gods were moral or cared much about mankind was revolutionary. The gods of Greece and Rome, for example, were positively amoral, and behaved with cruel and reckless abandon. People often feared for their lives and loved ones. Paying off cruel pagan gods with money - or by sacrificing the lives of children, virgins, and other innocents - was common, and persists to this day in some cultures. 
At one point even the Israelites did it (Jeremiah 19:5).

Our God cannot be bought off or placated with things. He asks only that we learn to love Him and our fellow creatures, who also are made in His image. God asks us to be good and perfect, as He is, and that we remember He alone rescued us from slavery in Egypt, "the house of bondage" God called it. 
He chose us to be a righteous people and to go out into the world and spread His message that all people can be holy, meaning separate, and we have an opportunity to join Him. 

The God of Israel promises us that there is an end to the pain and misery in our earthly realm, and a glorious future in Heaven, which makes planet Earth insufferable. 
Our "modern" idea that we can develop as individuals and improve the world originated with our God. Before Moses, the Prophets, and Jesus, human life was unchanging, endless, and cyclical. The good afterlife, if people believed in an afterlife at all, was merely a deathless continuum of their lives on earth. Peasants would always be peasants, and kings always kings. 
Egypt, China, Persia, Greece, and Rome were staic. They looked and acted the same over many centuries; even millennia. 

The God of Israel caused changes across the whole spectrum of our existence by stating that human life - even the lives of women, slaves and the unborn - were precious to Him. Murder was forbidden even if committed by the rich and powerful; along with adultery, lying, and envy. Common people, slaves, and servants never had a formal day off, so God designated the Sabbath Day for all people and their animals. Try to imagine living your life with no formal day off once a week.

Our whole concept of human progress is Judaeo-Christian, as is the idea that Paradise is for all people of God, regardless of wealth, birth, or status. The knowledge that there would be a Messiah, an end to human history, and a final Day of Judgement for all humankind are Judaeo-Christian. 
Muslims came to this understanding six-centuries later, but they believe in the savior Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam,  who will be ushered in by violence. Jesus Christ was merely an ordinary prophet. 

We humans were created last by God, as the pinnacle of His creation. We were given the ultimate gift of love: free will. God does not want programmed robots who do as they're told. He wants us to know and love Him of our own free will. The Lord is now and always has been intensely involved in human affairs, especially when we fail and are in danger of destruction:

Our massive fund of knowledge acquired since Moses has, through enlightened science, brought us closer to understanding the One God. But our materialism has also taken us further away. Our excessive pride and inflated opinion of ourselves has become a major barrier to true understanding. Our mortality should humble us, but it doesn't, generally. We don't much value humility, but great humility is essential if we want to know the infinite power and glory of the Creator. It has always been God's intention to grant us eternal life in joy, but we rebelled against His plan in favor of ours. 
By the way, how's that been working out for us?
Fear not. Jesus promised He would come again to find the faithful:

Many prophets, and Christ himself, spoke about the Last Days before His Second Coming, and how there would be a dramatic separation of the Faithful and the Unfaithful. He said:
"As were the days of Noah, so it will be with the coming of the Son of man... before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark... They did not know until the flood came and swept them all away; so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Then two men will be in the field; one is taken and one is left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one is taken and one is left. Watch, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. 
"Concerning that day and hour, no one knows. Not even the angels of haven, nor the son, but the Father only." - Matthew 24:36-44
Beware of false prophets who say they know when our salvation will come. 

It's a common misunderstanding of many Jews and Christians that only lives of passivity and nonviolence are acceptable to God. But this is false. Many Romans and Israelites in every strata of society became Christians of stature. Christ was Jewish, a rabbi, and the word "Christian" didn't exist until after his mission was completed.

Soldiers, police, and others whose occupation is in law enforcement are an essential part of all civilized societies. Faith in the Lord will open Heaven's door to all of us:

The Centurion whose servant was healed was a friend to the Jews and their priests. He even built a synagogue for them (Luke 1-10).

Note: Christ supposedly said, "The meek shall inherit the earth" in his Sermon on the Mount. The original Aramaic word he used has been mistranslated as meek. Humble is a much better translation.

"Ask God, and you will receive. Knock on His door, and it will be opened to you."