Wednesday, May 1, 2019

One God, One Creator, One Lawgiver, and One Judge

Astrophysicists are in nearly-full agreement that the entire immensity of our visible cosmos -13.5 billion light-years in size, and consisting of billions of galaxies and multi-trillions of stars - began at one spot in a titanic Big Bang. Space and time began. Moreover, we can see through the Hubble Space Telescope that the entire framework and structure is an identical whole that obeys exactly the same mathematical laws of physics, chemistry, and optics. That is, a galaxy of stars at one end behaves exactly the same way as another galaxy at the other end, 13 billion light years away.  The Creator of the Universe has no peer and no equal; He creates one set of laws, and is the only Judge of all that is. 

Why is God called "He" in the Bible? That's a very good question, and here's the answer:

Why is our modern world always on the brink of chaos and destruction? We know the answer. We worship many false gods; there are many creators making abominable things; we have countless laws which are contradictory; and too many judges with no integrity or knowledge. There is corruption of every kind and it is deep. Earth is a place where the worthless, ruthless and lightweight rise to the top.
There are some exceptions, of course. Some worthy people have some authority. But they face constant and stiff opposition, sometimes even death to accomplish worthwhile things.

There is very little agreement on how the world should be organized, and what its true purpose is. Should an elite class run it for their benefit, the way China, Russia, the EU and UN run their empires? Or should it be organized so that the best and brightest people of any class, ethnicity, or race have maximum opportunity to create and succeed individually? Many say, "Forget about it. Let's blow it on a good time." Your feelings about this are highly dependent on your wealth and status, which insulate you from the suffering of others.

Furthermore, should the moral codes of Judaeo-Christianity have ultimate power to decide questions of law and governance? Or are those traditional values, laws, rules, and methods outdated in our computer age?
For centuries this issue was largely settled, and the western world was the model for successful societies based on ethical monotheism; individual liberty, free markets, religious freedom, and human rights. 
Wealth beyond the dreams of previous generations was created, and technology flourished. Electricity, motion pictures, steam transport around the globe, airplanes, automobiles, radio, and enormous advances in medicine and psychiatry were accomplished in one generation between 1840 and 1910. Machines did more and more of the drudgery people had to slog through before. Many thinkers preached that war was unnecessary and obsolete now that such prosperity and exciting technology was coming into use. Sadly, weapons also became vastly more effective.

Serious doubts about the meaning of life crept in at the end of the 19th Century, and the phrase "God is dead" became popular. Science and technology were more and more thought to be worthy successors to God.

Something went terribly wrong in the years leading up to 1914, and the psychosis (Link) of totalitarianism took root and flourished in the eastern hemisphere. Germany provoked WWI. In response to the war's chaos, Marxist communism began destroying human lives and freedoms in Russia, and began spreading to China and Southeast Asia. In reaction to this the Japanese Empire quickly rose in bloody opposition, followed by Germany and the Nazi Party. Judaeo-Christianity was being murdered by these hostile philosophies, and people of faith suffered most. They were targeted for being "uncooperative... undesirable."
By the end of the 20th Century, over 100 million people had died in secular wars and persecution. Perhaps a billion were wounded physically or psychologically. More people died in these secular, anti-theistic wars than died in all the previous religious wars of human history combined. 

Today more than ever we worship the false gods of power, money, sex, youth, science, and reason. But if we worship them, we're disconnected from God. This inevitably leads to the insanity that plagues us. Only the invisible Creator of all things is worthy of worship. All other powers, rulers and things are beneath Him.

The Satanic force behind all these events has grown and thrived ever since. It's stronger than ever and undaunted by its broken promises, failures, massive suffering and chaos. In truth, chaos and suffering is its goal, and it always delivers. Most of us never learn that this evil is rooted within us. It's often called "sin", but is greatly misunderstood:

The true nature of this evil is the most important subject there is in life. Discussion about it inevitably leads to the unfashionable subject of evil's opposite, God. Satan must be real, or our good God and father doesn't exist.
People are extremely reluctant to talk about God and Evil and they invent dodges of a dozen different kinds to avoid it. They're afraid, and they cover their fear by humor, ridicule, intellectual gymnastics, anger, or utter silence. 
Their fear is understandable, because it's daunting and enervating to contemplate an intelligent, deathless, and powerfully malevolent spirit capable of killing innocents and strangling the whole planet with octopus-like tentacles. 
Most of us can't survive the battle against it (and they know it in their hearts), because they don't have the holy armor, weapons, and spiritual protection we've acquired. But they can acquire them with a little faith here: Apostle Paul, Ephesians 6:10-20.

We - that is, you who read this and believe it - and our millions of compatriots globally are like special forces that have been training our whole lives for this day. "We are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world; the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age." -Paul, Ephesians.

God can annihilate evil in an instant, but He allows it to exist for purposes we'll never fully understand in this life. But it makes heroes of us if we come to God. We'll know it all in the next life and celebrate forever. Meanwhile, we just need to finish our jobs and wait patiently for salvation. 

This author has never been able to let sleeping dogs lie and just live life in blind acceptance that such a state of affairs can or should be allowed to go on and on, without a final resolution. This is a war worth fighting more than any war ever waged. Fortunately, it turns out that there always has been a plan for ending it all with a rebirth of righteous justice and mercy for all who participate with good will, see Isaiah 53.
Christ's life, death, resurrection and return were foretold almost seven centuries before he was born.

From this day forth, trust that we're going to see things we never dreamed of or thought possible. Our nation and our generous spirit has been slandered, beaten, scourged, and crucified for years now. It's time for a Resurrection, and it will happen in some way we can't fathom, rest assured. 

One thing to keep in mind regarding the understanding of evil is this: the wicked believe they are good. Humans need to believe they're righteous. They're convinced - or beaten into silence to act in every way the evil and profane spirit dictates - that God and the idea of God is true evil.

A useful allegory says that God in His realm is acting upon our world much like a producer of fine metals and tools of every kind; constructing artful and miraculous creations. But they're not dead things. They have life and consciousness - self-awareness - just as we do.
In order to operate, ores and other raw materials are brought into God's furnaces and laboratories for preparation and purification. There are countless workers in God's factory-universe. What we see as evil are the acids and toxic chemicals that force the separation of valuable metals from the worthless dross. 
Then the metals are shaped and forged by white hot temperatures and blows by the hundreds or thousands, which force the atoms of the substances into new lattices, much like the finest steels have. But more than that are the precious metals and substances we can't understand. This video, an introduction to the PBS series The Crown, is a credible illustration of that process:

Here's a video about the nature of the visible evil we sometimes see. It's long, but you only need to see the first 20 minutes or so to get an idea. Warning: it's disturbing at times. Magicians in past ages often advertised that their powers were given to them by the devil. This author never gave any credence to such claims until recently.

These magicians' tricks in every case are trivial - in the large scheme of things. They don't cure people, do real good, or change the evil course of the world. They perform stunts that demonstrate the suspension of physical limitations, as if to say, "Look at me, I'm immune to God's law." Then why not cure someone's cancer, or broken spine? 
No, their job is to deceive, and persuade the audiences that they too can be lawless.
God has always promised us that this age would come. Be joyful if you are on His side. Wonderful things are coming to light.

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also", Jesus said. God is a treasure beyond measure.  (Matthew 6:21). 

"The mind is its own place, and by itself can make a Hell of Heaven or a Heaven of Hell"  -  Milton