Saturday, December 8, 2018

We Are In a Battle to the Death With The Prince of This World, Whose Name Is Satan

Jesus said, "The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be driven out." - John 12:31. 
The century-long war against God, Armageddon, is almost over.
Fear not. We will win because we are on God's side. We are in His royal family. 
True, it's painful and uncomfortable to believe in God and trust in His promises these days. Our friends and family may ridicule or even persecute us. We may lose our jobs, spouses, homes, and bank accounts. 
Everywhere we look, violence and murder of peaceful religious men and women is surging. Christians by the millions used to live in the Middle East, and had done so for 2,000 years, long before Muslims existed. But just in the last decade they've been tortured, driven out, or killed, mostly by Muslims. Even in the Western world, Christians are under relentless assault by atheists and anti-theists who call themselves "progressives...democratic socialists...Marxists...Satanists": 

Anti-Semitism, the hatred of Jewish people, is on the increase too, worldwide. Jews are being persecuted viciously in almost every nation, even those where they've lived in peace for many generations. 
The nation of Israel is under murderous assault right now, and a war with Iran, which uses Lebanon as a military base, could erupt at any moment. For twelve years, and in violation of numerous United Nations decrees, Iran has formed a huge army in Lebanon called Hezbollah, armed with every modern military weapon and stationed all along the northern border with Israel. They are trying to tunnel into Israel at this very moment, and Israelis destroy all the tunnels they can find, but Hezbollah is relentless. This area includes the plain of Har Megiddo, or Armageddon in the New Testament.

Israel and the United States share a deep bond, because they're founded on the idea that our Creator gives us rights; to life, liberty, and property; the freedom to choose our own course in the world. No human entity, no church or government, can take these rights from us. God sees us as individuals who will choose Him as our model to live by, if we're allowed to choose the best path. 

Judeo-Christianity is the bedrock of the Western Tradition, which produced the people, cities, and nations which are - by far - the best places to live on the entire globe. Which is why most people want to live in the West, and leave their Godless, collapsing countries. 
Israel is the last outpost of real democracy in the Middle East, and it cannot be allowed to die. The United States is the last outpost of real democracy in the world as a whole. We and Israel are linchpins of each other, and lighthouses in the long dark night of this world. We'll live or die together.

Jesus Christ and all the prophets who preceded him came to warn and plead with the world to love and honor our Creator. Almost all of them suffered mightily or were killed for their efforts, but they were given the priceless victory of eternal life in Heaven. 
The world ignored, and still ignores, their warning that Hell - unutterably terrible, and eternal punishment - awaits those who fight or provide aid and comfort for the enemies of the Lord.  He has been and is now telling us our time is up. The globe is teeming and ripe for the fulfillment of the promised resurrection. Christ is coming back, as He promised, and this time things will turn out very differently. He will destroy the Devil and his rotten works, and will reign over a reborn world, a paradise we can only barely imagine. If we admit our errors and swallow our pride by pledging ourselves to God, we will not share the fate of the evil ones. 

Rebellion and pride lie deep within our natures, and cause almost all our suffering on earth, but we often blame God for our suffering. Why? 
We're either our own worst enemies, or our own best friends. We choose to take drugs and lead a criminal life; or we choose to be doctors, builders, and donors to charity.
The world as a whole has rebelled against God from the beginning, more than 5,700 years ago, according to the Jewish calendar. Our record of crimes is always the same. We lie, cheat, steal, murder, covet enviously, ignore sacred days, erect false gods, and commit adultery. Worst of all, we sometimes claim to be just like God! Can you believe it? It's called hubris, and it's a virus of the mind, a plague that touches us all. 

Oh sure, some people are far worse than others, but none of us is innocent. If we admit our transgressions, forgiveness is abundant; a gift from the Lord. But the vast majority of humanity is ignorant and unaware that they are living on borrowed time, and are standing at the edge of The Pit, the Inferno. We humans love to flirt with danger. Have you ever seen the X Games on television? Or the flying suit guys who jump out of airplanes? Or the volcano enthusiasts? It's in our nature.

Now we have weapons of total destruction. It's obvious that we will destroy ourselves unless the Creator of All, visible and invisible, returns to change us.

Many people are discouraged from keeping their faith in God and Scripture because modern authorities contend that there is no hard evidence that characters and places in the Bible truly existed. Here are nine archaeological discoveries that show the falseness of that claim:

For the first time in perhaps 1,700 years, we don't have churches that can offer us real support and healing. Satanic forces have deeply corrupted every church and every religion on earth. Under the guise of "compassion", "progress", and "non-judgmental counseling", the genuine Truth of God, and His Word, have been displaced by "mercy" and "niceness". 

The Catholic Church was, until the death of John Paul II, a fairly reliable fortress of God's power and knowledge. But now the Prince of This World is firmly ensconced in all the seats of religious power on the planet. 

The good news is, as Protestants have always taught, we can "dig our own well in our hearts", so to speak. We can establish our own lines of communication with God by prayer and sincere offers of recompense. 
Be prepared for strife, however. As Jesus told us many times, His message will not be welcomed by most people in this world. If He came to earth today in the flesh, he would quickly be crucified all over again:

Isn't it clear that the world's strife is caused by its rebellion against God? Be sure you know the full consequences of being on the wrong side of this issue.

Make peace with your Creator now. It's easier than you think during this season, and it may be your last chance.
Have a happy New Year!