Thursday, July 19, 2018

Is Armageddon The End Of The World?

It's very likely that you've heard the word Armageddon many dozens, or hundreds of times in movie or book titles, television and radio. There's never been a period in history when the word was used so often, and over-used, in place of ordinary words like catastrophe. Weather people love to joke about impending "Snow-mageddon!" here in the eastern U.S. A word that once struck people with terror has lost its power over time. 

For two thousand years, when great crises afflicted nations, people thought Armageddon had finally arrived. When Rome fell; when Islam slaughtered Christians by the hundreds of thousands, burned entire capital cities, and took parts of Europe; when the Black Death killed one-third of the citizenry of the known world; and even when Napoleon marched through Europe and Russia, people cried "Armageddon!" They thought the Little Emperor was surely the Anti-Christ, who goes hand-in-hand with the prophesied End of Days. 

Times are very different now. We've survived WWI and the Spanish Flu (68 to 118 million dead), Hitler, Stalin, WWII, nuclear weapons proliferation, hundreds of incinerated cities, the Cold War, Mao, Pol Pot; and the combat, famine, and plague deaths of many more hundreds of millions. Casualties - as opposed to deaths from the 20th Century's Apocalypse - are surely in the billions. The Armageddon of Biblical prophecy actually began in 1914, and it's coming to an end now. 

A global and instantaneous computer network of video media wraps our planet like a ball of string. The Bible, all other religious scriptures, and lies of astonishing insanity are at our fingertips, electronically. Two thousand years ago this was prophesied, and now it's come to pass. The Final Battle is at hand. 

The word Armageddon first appeared in Revelation, the last chapter of the New Testament, written in the late 1st Century. It describes a series of horrific - and beautiful - events leading to Christ's return, and His judgment of us all. 

Armageddon (derived from the Hebrew words Har Megiddo) is a place in northern Israel, an ancient battlefield south of the modern city of Haifa. Several important historical wars were fought there starting in the 15th Century B.C. with Pharaoh Thutmose III and his Canaanite enemies. The Egyptian victory at Har Megiddo secured their empire for many centuries afterward. The location of Armageddon is significant. It's in the center of the Near East, the nexus of world conflict. 

This portion of the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, southern Turkey and Iran) was once well-watered and very productive. It's  been called The Fertile Crescent and the Cradle of Civilization for ages. The first agricultural societies were born there about 9,000 years ago, and civilization as we understand it started when people gave up wandering and began farming and keeping animals. For the first time in history land had enduring value. Written language was perfected, and records, contracts, and histories could be kept. The wheel, bronze, glass, wine, leavened bread, and irrigation were invented. Men and women learned new occupations, specialties according to their talents, and wealth grew. Political power did too, and armies were formed to preserve that power and wealth. Great cities of enduring stone were raised up; rivalries developed and were compounded. 

Those few thousand square miles of richness have ever since been a source of bitter tension and war. The age-old arguments over human rights, slavery, law, religion, and the limits of power caught fire. The first legal codes were written down, and ethical monotheism (Judaism and Christianity) came into being. 

Now the end of Armageddon, Judgment Day, is approaching, and these conflicts will finally be settled for all time. Many will read this and think it alarmist, even hysterical. But ask yourself, what will happen when your life comes to its inevitable end? Our own last day may as well be the world's last day. None of us can claim there won't be an individual judgment day for our souls. 

Even if you're not a Bible-reading Christian you know what the end foretells. Or do you? Most people think it's another nightmarish global war with many more mass deaths, and the end of our civilization. But it's actually an event that ushers in a brand new world, an act of God that nobody has ever seen.  
This final act on the Last Day is a rebirth of civilization, and a new life vastly better than we can imagine. Do not be afraid if you are a person of faith. You are safe. It's the faithless, hateful, mad, ignorant, arrogant and blind enemies of God who are going to be swept away forever. 

                 This is why there must be an end to the world we have known.