Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Can Life Be Simplified and Still Be Good?

Modern life is complicated and getting more so. It's annoying, too. Just when we think life makes sense, something - or someone - comes along and messes things up, and our whole world collapses into chaos. Jobs, marriages, fortunes, and friends may be lost forever. Sometimes it's not our fault. But it's a good idea to find out for sure.

On the historic global stage wars are fought, bad guys are defeated, peace and prosperity arrive; we feel the good sense of it all. Then a new threat or complication comes along. Whole nations may collapse. Who now can say that large-scale evil and good are not in play? Or that a crucial turning point has not been reached?

Many do deny it. The modern scientific view is relativistic; that is, not absolute. Good and evil are not open for debate, they say. There are no firm, immutable truths, and no Creator God who made anything: (Link) Therefore, debate is pointless and a waste of breath. 

Only the most arrogant, proud, and self-deluded among us could believe that we can dispense with debate about right and wrong. Discovering which ideas are "bad", which are "good", and exactly why they are that way is a never-ending challenge. There are nuances and gray areas that may only be understood by looking at the span of human history, the individuals, and the groups who shaped our world for good or ill. The main reason the global Leftist-Socialist-Marxists want to erase our magnificent history is that it proves how idiotic and destined to fail they are. Leftist utopias have NEVER worked, except on a very small scale.  

We should take heed that we are smack in the middle of the age of the Anti-Christ. His army is demolishing every good thing in this world. There are no walls or guardrails that can protect us; only the armor and weapons of the Truth and God Himself with His angels. Do not let fear grip you, nor allow your heart to be troubled.

There's more. And it's vitally important:

We're in the most exciting period ever in world history. Our opportunities for success, true glory and riches are vast. Join us.