Sunday, November 12, 2017

Progressives, Socialists, and Liberals Should Be Celebrating

They seem to have won, don't you think? All over the globe, with few exceptions, human institutions call themselves "progressive", "liberal", or "socialist". Other words like "democratic" or "the people's" are also used, but they mean the same thing. North Korea calls itself "the people's democratic republic" even though one ruling family controls every detail of every citizen's life. Starvation, poverty, enslavement, and brainwashing are all the citizens of North Korea have to look forward to; except for the few percent who rule. (Link)

Venezuela, until recently a rich country, is now thoroughly "socialist" and run by a dictator who has squandered the vast oil wealth it possessed and ruined the economy to the point of real starvation and deprivation. In the name of "social justice", "fairness", and "human rights", laws and morality were sacrificed for lies. (Link) President Hugo Chavez proudly announced that evil capitalism was finished, and everyone would be happy now that socialism ruled. His plan was a disaster, and the promises of socialism were lies:

Lying is as common as the air we breathe now, and all over the world people are discovering that the reality of their lives is awful. Media of all kinds is now the "ruler of the air" and, as the Apostle Paul wrote, that ruler is Satan. 

Why aren't the progressives, liberals, and socialists celebrating? Because human misery, strife, and mayhem are rampant everywhere, and no solution is in sight. Yet almost nobody offers any remedy other than more government control or military force. Faith-based solutions are openly ridiculed in public media, and believers are thought of as naive, ignorant, or deranged; unless they're Muslim. Then they get a pass, invitations to live in the West, and their violent religion is called "the religion of peace." We've seen how horribly that's turned out in Europe. 

Isn't it obvious that all of humanity took a wrong turn at some point in the past? The world of 1910 was nothing like this. Optimism was common, and the progress of science, linked with faith in God, had brought true progress, wealth, and freedom to many millions around the world. There was no reason to think it wouldn't continue. But something went horribly wrong. World War I was the first symptom of the mental disease that's gripped us for over 100 years. 
Bill Maher is a true liberal who has discovered that modern "progressivism" is anything but progressive. Leftists are now preaching falsehoods: