Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Crushing Israel; The Sport of the Antichrist

The Antichrist, Satan incarnate, is here now and thriving on the world stage, as predicted long ago. The prophet Daniel, Matthew, John, Paul; and the Book of Revelation are very clear, and what we see every day now in the media - the mayhem, perversion, and bloodthirstiness of formerly decent nations - was nearly unimaginable just a few decades ago.

The Antichrist is everything Jesus is not; a "man of sin", a liar, a hater of all God's creations, and a mass killer disguised as a peacemaker. He's slick, handsome, and powerful; traits people admire but which hide evil. He's here now to take away everyone who does not hold onto God, and his presence means that the violent rebirth of the world will happen very soon: Link

This is something to celebrate, because God's victory over Satan is assured from the foundation of the world. The events we're seeing today are the culmination of 6,000 years of human history, and we who are on God's side will receive an immeasurable reward: eternal life, joy, wealth, glory, and honor.

But we won't have them unless we participate by helping with God's work of healing, caring for, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We may be called upon to be warriors with God, as soldiers, police officers, or servants of many other kinds. "The last shall be first, and the first, last" (Matthew 20:16). Everything we give will be returned to us a thousand-fold. The most menial job, done with love, means everything to the Creator.

The nation of Israel is in dire peril today, and she has very few friends. Israel is much more than a piece of real estate. It's an idea, a foundation of all genuine spiritual development; the original arena and people God chose to channel His love. The Hebrew word israel means "he struggles with God." Christianity, through Jesus, originated there. Which is why the Antichrist is focusing on its annihilation. We in the United States - and the rest of the free world - are next. As the jihadist Muslims say, "Israel is the little Satan, and America the great Satan." They always get things exactly backward. Radical Islamists are shrouded in darkness, confusion, violence, and death. They say, "Allah is all-forgiving, and most merciful", but their rhetoric is never forgiving and merciful. It's full of vengeance, threats, and terror. Link

When the United Nations voted to form Israel in 1947, as a haven for the exiled Jews of Europe and Arabs who chose to live there, all the Arab nations protested and declared war. When the British pulled out of Israel in May, 1948, they attacked, and lost. Again in 1967, Egypt's leader, Gamal Nasser, announced his intention to destroy Israelis with a huge mechanized army and air force. Again, Israel won. In 1973 they were attacked once more, and won again. But now almost the whole world is arrayed against them. And us too, as their main supporters.

Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East. Women and minorities who are preyed upon and hated in the Arab world have full rights and freedoms in the Jewish state. Many Arabs sit in the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) and in government positions. They have the right to vote.

If tomorrow Israel laid down its weapons and declared that it would not fight, what would happen? There would be mass murder and mayhem, just as the Muslim world has always promised.
If tomorrow the Arab world laid down its weapons and declared that it would not fight, what would happen? There would be peace: Link and Link

The western world and civilization hinge on the existence of Israel and the United States. If they go down, the whole world goes down. It may not make a difference in the world whether I, or you, or a thousand other people choose God and His righteousness, but it's critically important to you, and I, and those other thousand, that we act as though it does make a difference. Have faith. God is watching, and your quality of life in eternity matters a great deal.