Thursday, December 17, 2015

Armageddon Is Here; Have No Fear

You can be prepared for the most momentous opportunity in the history of humankind. But first, a story:

An acquaintance of mine found a small iron chest filled with gold coins worth over $390,000; part of a railroad shipment lost in 1853, between Roanoke and Lynchburg, Virginia. You could say it was luck, but it only came about because he spent many years searching for hidden treasure. Over a decade, in fact. 

He took delight in searching but never struck it rich until he'd spent thousands of hours delving into court records, stories, and old newspapers; researching routes and locations. When he found a promising spot he went to work with his metal detector. He left no place unscanned, and no stone - a favorite hiding place for treasure - unturned.

He had faith that someday his searching would pay off. Every now and then he would find trinkets, lost coins, or a valuable antique gun. The joy he had in it was something to behold. It kept him going. But most people would have given up. He spent much more on transportation, lodging, and food than he ever recovered from his small finds. 

Was it his fate to find the treasure? I think so. But that's only because he had faith that someday he would. An old Latin saying, "Fortune favors the bold" holds true. Persistence and audacity seem to bring luck. A variation is, "The best defense is a strong offense." George Washington won some of his greatest victories in this way. Timidity and dithering can bring disaster. You must believe in your ultimate success despite defeats. We've all been defeated at times. George Washington lost more battles than he won. But he won the important ones, and learned from his defeats.

Our own faith in God is like this. Our fate is secured in heaven, but only if we have faith that this is so. Even if you don't have much faith, it's extremely important that you act as if you do. Faith will grow over time, and courage will be abundant in you if you allow it to grow with faith. They can become habits, faithfulness and courage. Children often have simple and powerful faith. Jesus said, 
"Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  Luke 18:17-34

We can be adults and still have childlike faith. When the chips are really down, and a crisis is in full flower, it's no time for half measures and an excess of caution. Adults know this. A great many lives have been lost by indecision and fear. People often freeze when danger arises, unless they've prepared themselves and made ready for action. 

Evil conquers by fear. Adolf Hitler risked everything in early 1936 by brazenly invading the Rhineland with his small, raw army, using horses to carry supplies because he didn't have enough trucks. His generals had orders to turn tail immediately if they met resistance, but the French and English were too timid, disorganized, and scared to challenge the upstart Fuehrer. By the time the real danger was faced - after the occupation of Austria and the invasion of Czechoslovakia - the Nazi army was armed to the teeth, trained, and experienced. Faith was in Hitler and so was his fate. 

We must face evil when it is nascent, and, "nip it in the bud". If you see the first signs of weakness, fear, or criminality anywhere in your life, root it out completely. Do not be afraid.

The last book of the Bible, Revelation, describes the very End Time events we're experiencing now. The Second Coming is full upon us, and our reward for being on God's side is immense. 

Medusa, the Gorgon, whose face and writhing snake hair was so terrifying that Greek warriors turned to stone if they gazed at her. But her reflection did not carry the same power, thus Perseus used the back of his shield to locate and slay her. 
Many ancient Greek myths contain valuable life parables.