Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Civilization On The Cliff's Edge

Nothing remains for long at the cliff's edge. Either it retreats from the edge or it goes over.

We see evidence every day that lawlessness, barbarism, extreme violence, and sexual depravity are rising and advancing quickly; usually in the name of a god no sane person can recognize, or by worshipers of hatred and grievance.

ISIS released a statement immediately after the Paris attacks, taking credit for them, "In the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful." What is merciful and gracious about mass murder? This is the very definition of evil and madness.The spirit of the Anti-Christ is powerful everywhere, around the globe.

ISIS represents the Sunni wing of Islam (centered in Saudi Arabia), but the Shiite wing (centered in Iran), also shares the same belief that a Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi, whom they believe is their Savior, will come for them if they plunge the world into chaos, war, and violence: Link  and   Link

The fruits of civilization, peace, prosperity, and abundance - which took many centuries to build - are being destroyed before our eyes.  Every day there are multiple new atrocities. Yet the leaders of the west, one of which received a Nobel Peace Prize before accomplishing anything whatsoever, brags that ISIS "is on the run.... contained.....[the strategies] are working."  Link

The Nobel Committee now regrets their error:  Link

The key to the Western Tradition - which produced many centuries of advancement in our abilities and understanding of human rights, law, science, and economics - is a belief in God. Before Moses, humankind had little or no understanding of law, other than as the whim of a Pharaoh or king. The Ten Commandments are a quantum leap in human development, proving that understanding and cooperation with the Divine Will brings the fruits of civilization.

Our present catastrophe was foretold thousands of years ago, and God knows our suffering.