Friday, July 10, 2015

"Party First, Law Second"

At the end of October, 2014, the Chinese Communist Party met in what they called their Fourth Plenum and decided that henceforth the country will be governed on the principle that the Party comes first, above any and all laws, saying, "Party First, Law Second". A better formula for the collapse of civilization can hardly be imagined. The whims and vagaries of feelings and personalities are once again, just as in Mao's time, supplanting morals and ethics. This is stunning for a country that admits that tens of millions of their own people were murdered by the lawless totalitarian Mao.

Is it a coincidence that China's stock market has lost a third of its value since last October? Who can believe the financial statements of their companies and mutual funds anymore? The Communist Party drives the whole of China's economy, essentially, and if they dictate that a failing company is actually turning a profit, who will dare contradict them? Party members at a whim can enrich or destroy anyone they wish to.

This is not just China's problem. Globally we're seeing massive erosion of the rule of law. The European Union has suspended their laws and their banking system's structural integrity to bail out Greece, once again. The collapse of Greece will be delayed for a few months, but their basic inability to work and produce has not been changed at all. They speak the right words, but know they're lying to get one more money 'fix' from the EU. Portugal, Spain, Italy. and France are facing the same problem as Greece, but there's not enough money in the EU system to take care of those much larger countries.

For over two-hundred years America prided itself in being, "A nation of laws, not men", as our second president, John Adams, stated. President Richard Nixon was impeached and driven from office in 1973 for violating laws and ethics that President Obama violates every month now, with the complicity of his supposed opposition. The United States's Democrat and Republican Parties have aided and abetted a Marxist/Progressive takeover of culture and the government. They have entirely sold out their country's best interests in their quest for power. They've violated civil laws in place for over a hundred years, and even the procedures of government long honored and established in the Constitution. Chaos is right around the corner. The mob is coming to rule, and it won't be denied anywhere in the world.

A nation without laws is a sham. How would our world, our universe, function without natural laws? Answer: it could not. The laws of physics can never be violated, and any scientist will tell you that. Philosophers and prophets sensed these laws long before Isaac Newton codified and numbered them, and all of civilization has depended on the competent enforcement of laws and ethical conduct. There are no exceptions. When these laws are violated or dishonored, that civilization collapses. To the degree they're ignored, there is no civilization.

We're seeing a new totalitarianism. This is much worse than mere dictatorship or authoritarianism. Authoritarian systems tend to ignore you if you stay out of the way, obey their whimsical rules, and keep quiet. But totalitarians - as in George Orwell's 1984 - want to change your thoughts. Today in North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and now China, your thoughts can get you killed. Here in America and in the European Union you can be driven to bankruptcy and disgrace by uttering the "wrong" opinion. Donald Trump and many other luminaries in business and entertainment are finding that out right now.

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it", a statement wrongly attributed to France's Voltaire, was once a key principle of the Western Tradition. So was the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. You could say these are the cornerstones of genuine liberalism. But they are no longer honored. We are facing a very grim future. Pray to God for the courage and strength to seek Him and change your own heart: