Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Are You Hungry For?

Hunger is a powerful motivator. That empty feeling in our belly can soon become all-pervasive, even painful, if too many hours go by without food. Starving people will resort to violence and even cannibalism if they're hungry enough. The Catholic Church long ago sanctioned cannibalism as a last resort to preserve one's life, as long as the person consumed died naturally. Life is a thing of great value to be preserved at great cost, if necessary.

When we finally receive good food and drink, a thrilling tingle of pleasure radiates to our very fingertips, and we laugh with pleasure. Such memories last for a lifetime. The agent who gives us this nourishment will earn our love. This is a two-edged sword, to be sure.

There are many kinds of hunger other than for physical food. We hunger for love, sex, family, companionship, power, wealth, and sometimes even more unsavory things. So it's clear there's a hierarchy of hungers and desires. Some of us hunger for peace, knowledge of God, the power to heal others, and to build great things for future generations. These are intangible things that satisfy the spirit. Our greatest leaders throughout history, men and women, displayed such hungers and desires.

We are defined by our hungers and desires. They show what we're really made of. We will struggle and fight to fill our emptiness. It's an irresistible imperative. But what if we are given cotton candy and coke, or drugs to satisfy our hunger? Can we be trained to accept those things over time in place of real nourishment? Might we forget about good food even as we're dying of malnutrition?

This is happening now all over the world. Hungry people are being given deadly substitutes instead of real nourishment; radical Islam in place of real religion, communism and socialism instead of individual liberty and free-market societies. Many people accept these substitutes and forget history, knowledge, and wisdom. Billions of people right now are watching 'reality' TV shows of people screaming at each other rather than programs about science and technology, where our real future is being shaped.

If you enjoy reading about crime and the legal system, particularly present-day cops and criminals, you know there are very shocking and terrifying hungers and desires human beings harbor and will act upon. It's still a mystery why this is and where they come from. Is it a genetic predisposition or a conscious decision that people make and then hold onto? Either way, people who murder, steal, or abuse others for pleasure must be kept far away from the vast majority of us who do not. Civilization is as fragile as an eggshell, and can be instantly swept aside by deluded and impassioned mobs.

Our Western Tradition of equality before the law and presumption of innocence until proven guilty is strained to the breaking point by assaults from the spiritually starving. The global popular media fueled by the depraved spirit of our age is running full speed to slander, defile, and destroy our ancient standards of decency, self-respect, and love for our neighbors. The malnourished mobs are insatiably hungry for mayhem, destruction, and murder. They've been fooled into thinking their misery is caused by others, and will only end when they take away from others.

Are there leaders alive today who see this and who will take action to change the direction of history? I think so. Can they do it alone? No. Will we help them? Are there enough of us?