Thursday, April 9, 2015

Suffering Is The Rock Upon Which All Religions Founder

When we are in great pain, suffering catastrophic loss, or facing death, our relationship to God is at a point of crisis. Especially if we're innocent or undeserving. There is no answer to the problem of innocent suffering while we live in this world. Our mind reels and rebels at the idea of a loving God - the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus - allowing children and innocents of any age to suffer.

But here's a comforting thought. Maybe there is a reward given by God for our work in this world that is so great, so unutterably wonderful, that we would gladly volunteer in an instant, to suffer anything in exchange. Eternal life in wealth, power, honor and joy – as God has promised – would make all earthly rewards look pale and sad by comparison. We have testimony throughout the ages that all our terrible experiences in this world evaporate when we wake up to the reality of Heaven. A nightmare forgotten. Consider this:

The answer to our suffering.