Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The War On Christians and Jews

All over the Middle East and North Africa, Christians are being exterminated by radicalized Muslims:  Watch this to find out...

Very few 21st Century leaders and educators foresaw the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Or the re-establishment of ancient Sharia Law. Or the murderous quest by ISIS and al-Qaeda to found a "New Caliphate", a new nation of Islam which they promise will come to dominate the entire world. They openly state that all "infidels" - not just Christians, Jews Buddhists, or Hindus - but all Muslims who disagree with their particular and vicious brand of Islam will be killed off. They point to passages in the Koran, and specific texts in the Hadith, which justify mass murder.

It has been fashionable, globally, to attack Christianity for at least sixty years. In the West it has been fashionable to be almost anything but a Christian. The most fashionable religions have been eastern, and Indian gurus, swamis, and yoga practitioners have made excellent livings in the West. There was much of value that they had to give.

Buddhism too has been fashionable since the Dalai Lama was forced by the Chinese to flee Tibet. He is an exemplary man in many ways, and the nonviolence he has always preached has generated comparisons of him to Jesus.

After the Second World War, Jews received a lot of support and encouragement as they established the nation of Israel; and as the full horror of Nazi terror unfolded, millions of non-Jews wept with them.  Recently this trend has reversed itself, and Jews are once again fleeing Europe and the Middle East to live in Israel. The rise of Islamic radicalism has returned Europe to similar conditions that applied in the 1930's during Hitler's rise.

Marxist-Socialism is also ascendent again. In the 1990's, as Marxism collapsed globally with the Soviet Union and Red China, the world seemed to awaken from the nightmare of collectivism. There was a wave of prosperity that seemed unstoppable as the forces of free market economics worked their magic. Sure, there were exceptions, but just as China burst forth as an economic powerhouse, so did many other countries.

Now those terrible lessons of totalitarianism and tyranny have been forgotten, and we're spiraling into hell again. Our personal freedoms are being killed off, and we are next. This is what happens when nations turn away from, and go to war against, the God of All Creation, visible and invisible.

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