Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Do What We Say Or We'll Kill You"; The War on God

If you're not a devout Muslim in a Muslim country, you aren't safe, and can never feel safe. A significant percentage of Muslims, globally, take very seriously the passages in the Koran that say Muslims should kill unbelievers, and those who leave the Muslim religion for any reason.

Muslims who emigrate to other countries generally set up their own communities of believers, and don't assimilate into their host countries. They openly say they will take over, and admit they will force compliance with Sharia Law, the old Koranic legal system that calls for death or maiming for many 'crimes' which aren't considered crimes in their host countries. They commit crimes such as child rape (they think girls of twelve aren't children), female genital mutilation, revenge murders between families, and the murder of homosexuals. They don't care that these are illegal in their host countries.
Since Islam began conquering other nations, around 630 A.D., they've killed more Muslims than any other religious group, under their Sharia Law code:

Now we're beginning to see mass murder in Europe and America. This is war, and the Western Tradition of freedom for the individual is threatened with extinction.

Contrary to the Ten Commandments, Islamic Sharia Law sets religious authorities above the people and God.  The say they believe in God, but their Allah is clearly not the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, or any other religion. They say Allah is merciful and wise, but they revel in Allah's cruelty. You will search in vain for evidence of Allah's love and mercy. The Judeo-Christian ideals of forgiveness of one's enemies is entirely absent from Islam.

France is now the most visible target of Islamists, but we're all equally threatened with extinction. Particularly when Iran gets its nuclear weapons. Watch what happens to Israel, As Israel goes, so goes the Western world. 

Our path could not be more clear. We must make sure that all these manifestations of Islamic terror fail. The war is on, and they've chosen us as enemies unless we become their followers.

Look at north Africa, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. If you like what you see, join up. This is your future. If not, fight them.

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