Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The End Is Approaching

Religious wars. Ebola plague. Economic collapse. Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons proliferation. Climate change. They're all present in our lives. We cannot escape them while we live.

Every great religion recognizes that this world is not designed to last forever, and that death is built into the physical universe. There is an end to all things. Everything which is created has a lifespan and an end. We are almost at the end point.

But rebirth, too, is built in. The life force has cheated death for hundreds of millions of years, as the fossil record proves. Moreover, visionary spiritual leaders and regular people often testify that there are other realms of existence far more preferable to this life on earth, and that this life is merely a school and a testing ground for advancement to those higher realms.

They are not guaranteed to us, though. We must make the effort and work at our spiritual growth. Now is the day and the hour.

If you have an enemy, try to find out if there can be reconciliation. If you've been wronged, try to forgive. Don't let unfinished business in this world weigh you down.  Let go of old baggage and old grudges. Focus on the lofty light of God, who is not of this world, no matter what religion you subscribe to.

We're out of time, and the world is going down. But just as Christ conquered death, and rose again, we who are faithful to God will live in Paradise.