Friday, November 9, 2012

Communist Party Newspaper Celebrates Obama's Victory

The People's World writes that the forces of "progressivism" have just won a major victory.

Here's a link to article by Sam Webb, Head of the Communist Party USA, in People's World:

Congratulations, America! Your mortal enemy is celebrating your suicide and crowing about their resurrection. Now you don’t have to worry about your troublesome soul anymore; you know, the spirit of freedom and conscience with its bothersome moral compass, and two-hundred-and-thirty year record of accomplishment. It’s gone. Poof!

You’re free now! No worries, no duties, or responsibilities. The State will take care of you and guide you down the garden path to Utopia. That is, until it goes bankrupt just as the European Union has.

Just be sure to obey orders and don’t look behind the filthy, blood-stained curtains. Don’t trouble yourself about the strange cries, either. Especially if they are uttered by you, unintentionally, in the middle of the night.