Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paranoia and Projection; Hallmarks of Criminality

"The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion." Proverbs 28:1

Paranoia is the modern word for this form of mental disorder, and it's defined as "an irrational feeling of persecution and fear of physical harm." Many criminals are paranoid, and believe they must commit crimes to defend themselves or get by in life. They justify their behavior by claiming that everyone else is a criminal, and they must strike first to avoid being victimized. Almost always they are people who have few or no marketable skills and are damaged in heart and mind. They believe they're above the law; are too smart to live like others; or - in their heart of hearts - believe they're unworthy to have a good and productive life.

The bloodiest tyrants in history, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, fit this profile perfectly.

The righteous, on the other hand, are confident in the laws of God, also known as Karma; that we reap what we sow over the long run. They are "bold as a lion" because they know God is watching, and in the end, those who are on God's side will be rewarded with infinite generosity.

Projection also plays a huge part in criminality. Projection in the psychological sense is a defense mechanism which allows people to subconsciously deny their own motives, feelings, and thoughts, which they then ascribe to the world or other people. Thus they think they can avoid responsibility and justify their own bad or criminal behavior.

Mankind longs for godlike power; to make laws and shape societies that are comfortable and convenient; to eliminate suffering and death. This is not wrong by itself, and can even be seen as one definition of Heaven. The problem arises when we meet resistance, either from Nature or other people's contrary wishes. Criminals resort to violence and theft. Their only law is expediency, which is lawlessness. They say, "The ends justify the means." No, they don't, and this is a formula for catastrophe.

The majority of the lawless had horrible home lives as children, and parents who were outright abusers, violent, or criminally negligent. Criminality is a chain, and people are its links, stretching back in time for many generations. Criminals typically raise damaged children who project the same behavior into the future. The accumulation of lawless behavior - throughout our culture - is destroying the foundation of our civilization.

Consider the financial world, and how the nations are facing shortfalls and bankruptcy. The accountant's ledger book has no agenda. The laws of income and outgo, supply and demand, are universal through all of time. These are extremely inconvenient for politicians wanting to be elected. It's very tempting to promise largesse from governments, and to play the generous god with other people's money. This is what they've done all over the world. Now the money has run out, and the books can't be balanced. This is the final outcome of generations of avoidance, of pretending that the laws of the universe are an illusion. And that powerful and sophisticated people aren't bound by the mundane limitations that you and I face every day.

There are only two paths open to us now as individuals. We can continue down the same road with more of the same; more control, bigger government, more force, and less freedom. But ask yourself, why do we think it will work now when we can plainly see that it has failed for 110 years?

Or we can try something new, by looking backward to where we've been, recognizing the mistakes we've made. We must be better and more honest individuals, worthy of freedom and liberty. We solved problems differently in the previous age of less government and more individual freedom; more faith in God and far less faith in the works of man and government programs.