Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can We Escape Judgment?

All the great religions of the world promise salvation - escape from death - and most imply that they alone offer it collectively, to all members. This is demonstrably false. While we live and when we die we face God alone, if at all, and naked. Social position, wealth, or worldly works mean nothing to our Creator who knows us from the inside out; heart, soul, and mind. Even if we aren't conscious of our nakedness, the Holy Spirit knows us.

God offers infinite forgiveness, with one exception according to Scripture. Christ's death and resurrection  opened a door for us to escape the labyrinth of earthly law. On the Last Day we will rise above the maze of worldly limitation and death into perfect freedom and eternal life. But only if we have made our peace with the Creator of All.

This is where the sophisticated and worldly-wise stumble, and it's why they are in danger. The only unforgivable sin is to ignore God. When we do that we quickly become lost in the illusions of earthly life, the mystery of pain and pleasure, success and failure, the self-esteem hall of mirrors, the enigma wrapped in a conundrum. Spurning God is our judgment against God, and it dooms us to the hell of an eternal feud we will never understand. 

Have you noticed how often people on the Left, 'progressives', atheists, and anti-theists rail against "judgmentalism"? Being "judgmental" is almost the worst thing you can be in the 'progressive' world. This accusation is epidemic on college campuses and in popular media. Ironically, the accusers are highly judgmental against people who are judgmental, a conundrum if there ever was one.

More ironically, the campaign against judgmentalism started in the mid-1960's, at the very time that federal civil rights legislation outlawed bigotry and racial prejudice. These offenses were and are real, though it's debatable whether federal law is the best way to combat them. Reverse bigotry by former minorities against Caucasians is seen every day now, and the oppressors deny responsibility.

Judgment is all around us, and like it or not, we all make judgments constantly. Who to talk to, who to like or love, what to eat, what to wear, who's "cool" or "hot", and so on. We judge what is pleasant or unpleasant, and we judge our own behavior, if we are adults. Our minds recognize good and bad thoughts, if we are psychologically healthy. Our body's immune system judges and attacks foreign bacteria and viruses every minute we live. If it breaks down we die of AIDS. Healthy societies judge the cultural  influences that sway people, young and old.

We are failing badly now. 'Progressive' non-judgmentalism is destroying the Western world and its traditions, as if an AIDS virus of the mind were at work. A great many people who call themselves 'progressives' deny standards of right and wrong while self-righteously empowering an already tyrannical government to force ever more restrictive laws on individuals, against the traditions of our Founders and the documents that created the United States. We're told by these hypocritical and judgmental 'progressives' that we are a bad people with a bad past, and we must make reparations and repent. Imagine that, people of no religion, and hostile to religion, judging us and requiring repentance. It boggles the mind.

Progressivism/Liberalism is a relatively new and twisted religion of materialism, founded on Marxism. Individual success and excellence are suspect, or evil. Carbon is the new stain of sin. Collectivism and community organizing are the new paths to collective redemption, "social justice", and salvation.

There is no such thing as collective salvation or collective condemnation. This philosophy has never succeeded, and was rejected by the Russians, the Chinese, and other nations after violent and bloody revolutions. State tyranny always fails to defeat human nature and the desire for freedom. Oppression, misery, and chaos are the result of tyranny.

This latest war on God started in the mid 1960's when there was a breakdown in the integrity of earthly authority. The Dark Forces saw their chance and hijacked popular culture, persuading many that "judgmental" people were ruining society. In truth - and I was there - there were large numbers of people trying to live lives of lawlessness and criminality, and they feared the legal and moral consequences of their behavior. So they launched a preemptive strike against the law, and have since then become persecutors of those who want to lead lawful lives. They have been enormously successful at distracting society, seducing and infiltrating academia and the media, and diverting attention from the truth of who and what they are.

They are people who yearn for collective identity, " they seek socialization and relationship fulfillment from the STATE instead of from real human and community ties. They hope that government will validate and support their existence the way that healthy citizens seek friends, family, community, and religious ties." - D.R. Webster                             

We can pass all kinds of laws to try and correct social evils, but enforcing laws and changing people's minds requires spiritual force on the individual level. Prohibition, the old federal law against alcohol consumption, was a legendary failure in America. Drug laws today are routinely ignored, even though Draconian prison sentences are mandatory for every conviction.

If you want to change the world, start with yourself, and your heart. It's very difficult, which is why people refuse to try.

The Law Is Not An End In Itself

We must honor the law and obey its limitations, but the Grace of God exceeds all law. This is how we are saved from worldly death. Humanity's creativity and inventiveness flows from Grace.

Who is the architect of all Natural Law? God. Who hates the law? Those who hate God and want to usurp God's power, to be gods themselves. The global uprising against Judeo-Christianity is in fact a war against God and God's judgments.

It's madness, because the universe is an intricately balanced web of laws, and it wouldn't exist for an instant if Natural Law could be suspended in the least. All of science is devoted to the discovery of these laws, and they are uniform across the entire physical universe. This was never known for certain until Isaac Newton proved the existence of gravity and the mathematical perfection of planetary motion.

A common theme on earth in all societies is crime and punishment; our sense of justice and vengeance. All people ask for justice, but few think it will affect them badly. Everyone feels justified, even criminals, so we should seriously reconsider our wish for justice. Many crimes are committed in the name of justice. Mercy is often far more desirable than justice. We all need mercy first. But if we ask for mercy we must also be merciful.

There's only one way to end the feud, to escape the lawless world, and that is forgiveness. If we decide not to exact vengeance against those who harm us, and we absorb blows without retaliation, the old feudal system breaks down.

It's hard, though, to be the person who bears that burden. It's martyrdom, and it may even cost us our lives. But this is the essence of Christianity, and civilization depends upon it. The law and the courts can never keep up with individual lawlessness.