Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trapped By Hate

Hate is a difficult thing to talk about for at least two reasons. First, most of us think it's ugly, and we don't like the look or sound of it. Second, it's easy to fall into the trap of hating haters. The Ku Klux Klan, for example, cover themselves with white robes in a cowardly fashion and vilify Catholics and Jews with as much vehemence as people of color. We may begin to project onto them the very hatreds we condemn in them, if we aren't careful.
The only way we can keep ourselves from falling into the hate trap is to hate as little as possible and always remain mindful of our motives for hating.

Hate is an elemental human emotion, and like all elemental things, it must be refined. It can be transformed into something useful. Sometimes it's a product of love, as when a loved one betrays us  with intention. Forgiveness can reverse hate and strengthen our love if we can recapture lost trust:

                                                                  Discovering forgiveness

Genuine hate - as described in the Bible - is deep revulsion, and it isn't a bad thing. It's a powerful motivator. We must learn to control it, however, or it will control us. Moral integrity and reason are the only safeguards that can channel hate and direct it toward a constructive end.

Deep revulsion for cold-blooded killers, child molesters, or ruthless thieves protects civilization by motivating us to recognize, capture, and punish them. Our legal system of law enforcers, courts, and prisons is designed to effectively channel criminals and minimize the terrible effects of our hatred for them as much as it is to protect us from their crimes. When we feel unprotected from evildoers we're likely to act on our own and take the law into our hands, and civilization quickly breaks down.

If we don't do the work on our inner selves and remain vigilant, tyrants and other authorities in our lives can easily manipulate us for their own ends and wreak havoc. From time immemorial kings and dictators have unified their peoples around a common hatred. Sometimes it's necessary, as when a nation is attacked by a foe and in danger of annihilation. Without a deep revulsion for the Soviet, Nazi, and Japanese empires, America would have been destroyed eighty years ago. Seen in this light, hatred is an indispensable survival tool. But how do we put the hatred genie back in the bottle when the threat is gone? How do we resist the temptations to hate or make others hate when there's a monetary incentive to do it, as when a politician needs an issue to run on?

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights was written and ratified so that we would have a reliable framework to deal with elemental human emotions. Until recently they worked wonderfully well to steady America's course in a radically changing world, because they openly paid homage to the God of all Creation through the Declaration of Independence. These legal instruments are all that stand in the way of hateful tyrants who would gladly use any method to gain control over us and our nation. That is why we're being undermined and wrecked at this moment. The world's political leaders are working daily to destroy our human rights. The latest assaults on Christians everywhere is proof-positive. The mask of hatred for God is off, and no believer is safe, whatever religion they profess:

Authentic religion is critically important to our survival, but only if we're vigorous in our faith. The example of Jesus, particularly his refusal to hate his enemies, is an invaluable tool for our own mental health and survival.

Why did the French Revolution and so many other well-intentioned rebellions fail to live up to their promises? They were atheist and anti-theist in nature, and didn't call upon God to guide them. They were like a rudderless ship. They lost their way and devolved into tyranny.

America's founding documents were a chart and a guide for its leaders, and many were men and women of God. They set an example that served us well until recently.

There is now great envy and resentment in the world for the success of the United States, and powerful forces of darkness are mobilizing for a final, decisive overthrow of the two nations most invested in by God, America and Israel. If they fall the world will follow. We're in the middle of that war now, and there has not been a decisive battle. There is still sympathy and support for God and people of faith all over the world, but it's hard to see it through the glare and noise in the media. 

People of faith everywhere in the world are vulnerable. A full frontal assault is in progress now to demonize and destroy us. Be on guard and pray to God.

Many of those who hate us call themselves agnostics or atheists, but they've become much more than that. We're seeing - as never before - a large number of our fellow citizens turn against God and against people of goodwill who worship God. They are anti-theists.

A large number of them work for government and educational institutions, and they've been deliberately put in place over many decades. The levers of power are largely in their hands.

But God rules all, and they will fail. This is the final act of creation as foretold in Scripture. Be ready!