Monday, January 9, 2012

More On 'Christian Nations'; A Reader Responds

Your observation that a nation cannot truly and completely live the teachings of Christ and survive is quite true. The charge of Christian nations, as it is with individual Christians in their lives, is to comport themselves in their struggles for survival in the most Christian-like fashion possible.

As we are given the instinct for survival, and the will to carry it through, we must align the toughest basic demands thereof to our higher sensibilities of charity and mercy to the greatest extent that we can.

The United States, founded upon the principle that the lives of all men are of value to them, to society, and to God, has done a miraculous job of living those higher values; and instituting them to the greatest degree that has ever before been achieved.

Unfortunately, in our lifetime we have seen the devolution of the notions of both national survival and the value of individualism. The leftist Progressives, in their zeal to diminish the value of personal freedom - in exchange for the supremacy of collective society - have insinuated upon us the notion that the quest for moral perfection demands a suicidal acquiescence to the notions of a nebulous universal fairness and moral relativism.

Christian values then, which we as humans understand are impossible to achieve in their totality, and still allow for survival, have been treated as being offensive to the effort of societal  perfection.

This is all a ruse however. It is a completely cynical and deceitful attempt to disparage the belief in a higher and greater aspiration in the souls of men and in their societal values, in order that humane-thinking citizens will look to government itself for all things related to the pursuit and realization of perfection.

Needless to say, this can never be, and we are seeing this so obviously today, as our government grows ever larger in the lives and spirits of our citizens, and as daily we see the corruption in the souls of those who would replace God and Christ as our lights of guidance.

What a crock they serve us. Charles Krauthammer [a Washington Post columnist] writes that today "we live in an age of Holy terror" (Link)  How true, and the totalitarians seek to capitalize upon that fact in order to capture and cultivate the souls of men for their purposes of total control.

Their big problem, though, is that they are only men who think that they can be as gods. And in their pride and dishonesty, they are more flawed than the "average" reverent and believing souls (earnest citizens of goodwill) that they seek to control.

Moreover, in their flaws and greed they make all the wrong choices, and therefore can never fulfill the role of the false gods that they dream of being.