Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can Any 'Christian Nation' Survive?

In America there has been a raging debate for half a century: Is America a 'Christian nation' or not? The original intentions of the Founders have been endlessly questioned, doubted, and challenged. There is no consensus on the issue today.

The latest authentic scholarship shows clearly and unambiguously that the Founders of most importance (Washington; John, Sam and Abigail Adams; Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Hancock, Rush, Wythe, Franklin, and others) believed in a divine Creator. They were sure that the Creator acted through Providence; that is, a worldly mechanism which provided necessary help when all human efforts seem hopeless. Our victory over the British and the successful establishment of a Constitutional government was so improbable that it was seen as evidence of God's interest in the world. The Declaration of Independence claimed that all our natural human rights were a gift of God.  Americans were then a very religious people, despite their differences, and they almost universally agreed with the Declaration.

The Founders constantly discussed religion and spirituality, and questioned exactly how the Creator acted in the world, but they had deep faith. They almost chose as a seal of the new United States an image of Moses at the Red Sea invoking God while Pharaoh's army was closing in on the Israelites. The Greco-Roman eagle won out, but the belief that America was the chosen nation of God permeated our identity for most of our history. That faith began to fail in the 1960's; ironically at just the time we dedicated ourselves to civil rights.

The United States gave religious freedom to all people, and there were many places of worship for those of all religions here - very early in our history. So the answer is yes, we were founded on liberal Judeo-Christian principles. But the ultimate question is can any nation survive if it emulates Christ faithfully?

No, it cannot. Christ loved his enemies unto death and never sought revenge. The world will always - and has many times - crucified (so to speak) pacifist nations. Just as police forces are mandatory in every town and city, so well-trained armies are mandatory for every nation. Laws are meaningless if they aren't enforced, and countries are little different from towns and cities. Self-defense is reason enough to kill and punish law breakers of all kinds.

Isn't it massively ironic that so many pacifists - many of whom are atheist and agnostic - would refuse to allow us to defend ourselves as a nation? This author has known and seen these people all his life, en masse, marching and protesting with vehemence. Very few of them, only the poorest, would disband their local police and surrender their property to criminals. Yet they demand that the United States unilaterally disarm in the face of criminal nations who brag of their hatred and evil intentions towards us. Iran today and the present Administration's cowardice and mendacity in dealing with Iran is a prime example of this.

So what is really going on? We are rotting at the core, that's what. Massive numbers of deluded Americans - such as those in the Occupy Wall Street movement - are cowards and ignoramuses unwilling to stand for any principle of right. They are faithless, slothful, silly, ignorant, and proud. They have the audacity to use the name of Jesus, and general Christian principles, to support their tyrannical Marxist-collectivist ideas. Millions of  innocent men and women have been murdered in the name of Marxism-collectivism. We cannot survive long as a nation if these people are not recognized and diminished significantly.