Monday, October 31, 2011

Darwin vs. Christ; The Massive Hypocrisy Award

Double-standards are so brazen these days that we really need to rank them by number. One of the worst is, "Minority groups can never be racist because they are victims of racism." Reverse racism is common now, as so-called "victimized groups" seek revenge and reparations. For this reason we have Black History Month, Black Entertainment Television, and so on. Some of the worst racism in the world is practiced by minority groups against other minority groups. The Japanese are legendary in their abuse of Koreans, and a Caucasian would never be accepted on equal terms in their society.

Here in the U.S. racism in the application of so-called Affirmative Action is accepted under American law, and is a deadly poison in the body politic. Martin Luther King's ideal of equality and color blindness has been discarded by the very people who still champion his name.

Ironically, the hallmark of those who are loudest in their condemnation of racism and unfairness is their policy of redressing grievances with new grievances, all in the name of "fairness".

The ultimate prize goes to the so-called progressives; mostly Democrats, but some Republicans too. I'm not talking about people who really believe in progress, because I'm one of them. I'm talking about extremists who narrowly define progress as liberal. It's anything but liberal, as liberality was originally defined. Liberalism originally meant human freedom and individual rights; non-obtrusive government and personal responsibility. Not anymore. Today it stands for hostility toward all conservatism, free market economies, religion, and individual excellence. It relentlessly expands government to tyrannical authority. Worst of all is the atheism and anti-theism in progressivism.

When we say "Christ", they say "Darwin". When we say "Darwin", they say "Christ".

Let me explain. Charles Darwin and his brilliant understanding of evolution appears to have disproved the Creation as understood by religious people everywhere. I say "appears to" because Darwin didn't actually disprove an intelligent Creator, he just forced us to change our understanding of how life on earth is perfected over geologic time. The hierarchy of life forms as described in Genesis doesn't conflict with Darwin at all.

Darwin is disconcerting to believers in God if they haven't thought about how to respond to his Theory of Evolution. It is still a theory, but the fundamental recognition of  "survival of the fittest" and the adaptations that life forms make cannot be doubted. The fossil record doesn't lie. Species either adapt or die. The ones who survive change shape over time.

Progressives and Liberals always pretend to honor Darwin and adhere faithfully to his theories; while directly working to undermine them with destructive social programs administered by powerful governments.

For this reason the idea of Social Darwinism was born in the 19th Century. It states that human beings also must make themselves fit to compete in the world, and that each one of us must learn to adapt to changes and difficulties on our own. If a parent or government steps in and 'saves' a child or grown person - particularly when that individual is suffering the consequences of their actions - they're actually harming them and enabling more bad actions. Subsidizing children out of wedlock and giving welfare checks to drug addicts are prime examples. In both cases, those evils grow exponentially.

We can learn only when we sow and reap, act and experience the results of our actions, good or bad. It's well known that addicts must "bottom out", and really experience the hell and degradation of their wrong choices and withdrawal before they can break the bonds of addiction.

This is where the progressive mindset really breaks down. Progressive do-gooders are forever trying to save people from themselves. Look at what's happening in Europe today. The whole economic foundation of modern socialism is crumbling, going bankrupt. The Chinese saw this coming years ago and told their people they must be more self-sufficient.

When we conservatives point out the validity of Darwin's "survival of the fittest" ideas, progressives always revert to an attack on our compassion, and yell "Christ!", as though Jesus was a socialist who believed in rescuing people from the consequences of their bad acts and choices. He absolutely did not. In fact, on many occasions Christ warned us that wrong moral choices will doom us forever. He correctly pointed out that the governments of this world are not godly, and more often than not are working against God.

It's critically important to the survival of civilization that people understand the deadly serious stakes of this game we're in, the game of life.

The harsh truth is that most progressives are tyrants, pandering to human vices to buy votes, get elected, and seize power.  If this were not true they would long ago have changed course, admitting that most of their schemes have been abject failures that are destructive to human progress and civilization itself.