Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Second Flood - by D.R. Webster

There is a flood of decadence pouring over our culture, and therefore, the whole world.

When we assess the weight of this decadence and consider the hand of providence upon us, it occurs to me that there may be a reason for all of this apparent degeneracy. Perhaps, as a part of the testing process that I am convinced is a major portion of, and perhaps reason for, our being, these temptations and distractions are placed before us as another facet of the testing process or experience.
In our modern times, with less physical stresses, these are the kinds of struggles that we must face up to. Though perhaps not as demanding or physically stressful to our faith as the rigors which our ancestors endured, they are temptations and stresses upon our values and spirits.
With few frontiers left, and with science having eliminated much in the way of disease and other elemental hardships, we are left to a large extent with the trials of morality, judgement, and choices between good and obvious evil.

It is apparent to me that many are failing this testing of their souls, and they are probably well aware of their failures. Having realized their moral shortcomings and degeneracy, they seek to tempt others, even successive generations, into their same moral morass.
Thus we see the anger and proselytizing tendencies of the political left -  the relentless and mean spirited drive to enlist and enslave the souls of others - and by the post-modernists and anti-theistic multi-culturalists and statists.
It may sound overly simplified, but I have come to believe that most of those things that we view as trial and travail are actually part and parcel to our test here in this lifetime. I believe this so firmly, that I have come to view our existence here as being, in the GREATEST measure, purposeful to the discovery of the worth of our souls. This is opposed to the accidental randomness that is the perception of the atheist, and certainly of the anti-theist philosophy or perception.

One of the strange and mysterious things that I have noticed about life is that the mental processes are often divided between the practical, the survival, the intellectual, the spiritual etc.
Sometimes when concerns of the practical and survival modes are called into play, other aspects of mental capability or drive are sublimated for good reason. As a guy who has worked most of my life at rigorous and even somewhat dangerous work, I have long been aware of this division of capacity. It is, no doubt an important survival mechanism, and I think it resides to some extent in all humans, and perhaps animals as well.
I guess the success of individuals, and mankind as a whole has greatly depended upon balancing and controlling these mental facets.