Friday, May 27, 2011

Are We In A Post-Christian Age?

Islam is now on the offense, dictating to the West  We are playing defense. In the end it may not matter, though. Technology is the new god of this world; a massively distracting and corrupting influence that will very likely subsume everything unto itself. Moving forward with exponential speed, it renders history and culture almost irrelevant.

Once we could see the leisurely flow of history and identify with our ancestors and the way they lived. People of the ’20′s, ’50′s, and ’80′s shared many common perceptions, cultural understanding, and technology: radio, cars, airplanes, foods, movies, politics, and ethnic differences. These are being rapidly erased by the internet and other, newer technologies. Google and other search engines are the new world authorities for controlling knowledge and thought.

Today the world of a teenager is filled with dazzling information of every conceivable kind, flowing nonstop: pornography, celebrity ‘news’, weird and amusing YouTube videos, opinions of every contradictory type. Soon it all will be in 3D, and all the more irresistible. It will take on godlike appearance.
This is the primary motivation of the IslamoNazis. They’re terrified of being drowned in the maelstrom of modernity, and believe they can stop it.

“Who is to say what is truth?” the new generations ask. The alarm bells are ringing madly. God will respond to save those who are asking to be saved.