Saturday, April 2, 2011


When chess players reach a point in the game where neither player has a good move, and each are equally strong and invulnerable, that's known as a stalemate.

This is the situation now in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere in the world. There's a cognitive disconnect. Socialists, Marxists, and Islamists are teaming up to discredit and destroy the Judeo-Christian Western Tradition of individual rights and free market principles. But everywhere they have succeeded, chaos reigns. 

On the other side, believers in the Western Tradition see no clear way to defeat these radicals, and there's a fear that, like Rome in the 5th Century, our time may be up. Like Israel, we seem to be surrounded and every demand of our adversaries will weaken us more.

It can't go on forever. Events will force our hand and the hand of our adversaries. Chaos is increasing. Bankruptcy and economic need will require that decisions be made by all people in every nation, and soon. The accountant's ledger is essentially immutable law, and cannot be denied for long. People who won't or can't live within their means eventually find themselves destitute.

Everyone knows the Chinese and other rivals of ours are loaning us the money to keep our nation afloat. How much longer will they be willing to play the patsy? Or pretend that we're serious about managing our affairs? At any other time in our history this situation would be considered completely insane. The European Union also is facing real collapse. Germany and the Scandinavian nations are essentially paying the way for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain; all nations that have low productivity, enormous debt, and an angry workforce threatening violence to anyone who preaches austerity.

There's very little time left for us to act ahead of events. Proactive reform could head off the worst effects of this collapse, but sadly, so many people of bad character and worse motives are involved in distorting the issues that it's as though we're enveloped in smoke.

The price of oil and other necessary commodities is so high now that real economic growth is gravely threatened. It's insane that America still imports energy when it has vast deposits of oil and much cleaner natural gas. Everything that burns oil or gasoline can be modified with ease to use natural gas. We're funding radical Islamists, exporting jobs, and laying ourselves open for threats of a cutoff. Everyone, it seems, has forgotten about the oil embargo of 1973, when OPEC shut off most of our oil supply, sending our economy into a tailspin.

Something very big is about to happen. God has always been far ahead in this planetary chess game with Satan. That's what it is, and you can read about it in the Book of Job. In this book, an innocent and God-loving man is tormented by the Devil for the purpose of proving God's divine plan and His glory. See this excellent commentary: