Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday; The Sacrifice Was For You

On this Good Friday, as we pause in the midst of the struggle for the soul of our nation, it seems more obvious than ever in my life that the moral struggle is eternal. Sometimes it seems as though the hand of Providence will be all that can save us from the forces of evil as it is now being practiced by the God hating leftists. But I guess that though Providence may guide us, and has set the parameters of right and wrong, the fight is truly ours to carry on and win.
Without the efforts of men against the forces of darkness, there can be neither meaning, nor reason for right to prevail. Today we can think of the greatest example of determination against the great evils that plague the soul of man as a potentially cruel and selfish species. The knowledge of that example is what has given mankind the inspiration and will to better the individual soul, and the souls of societies and nations that hope for moral survival.
Evil remains ubiquitous, even as mankind supposedly advances ever so slowly from animalism and barbarism.
Inspiration so often seems hard to come by.