Sunday, March 6, 2011

A New Challenge for America

News report: 'With energy prices rising in part because of turmoil in the Middle East, lawmakers from both parties are questioning the Obama administration's energy policies and arguing that more should be done to develop domestic sources of energy.

"I don't think the president's position on oil and gas is as strong as it should be,” said Democratic Sen. Mary Landeieu of Louisiana, where the oil industry plays a large role in the local economy. “Oil and gas is an important industry in the United States today and it will be in the next decades.”

Many in the administration emphasize alternative forms of energy and some, including the president, have openly talked of the need for higher prices on oil and coal to make alternatives such as wind and solar more price-competitive. - Fox News report, March 6

This is a fact: America's economy cannot grow - or even survive for long - with high energy prices. Most economists agree oil must be $50 a barrel or less. The price now is more than double that. It's insane and fatal that we're allowing OPEC and other foreign nations to manipulate our energy prices. Most of these nations are Islamist, and don't want us to survive. We are, "the great Satan", they say. We have huge reserves of oil and gas in America that can be tapped now because of new technology; enough to last thousands of years, even at present levels of demand growth.

It occurs to me that this matter of our oil resources is yet another example of how Providence has graced this Nation. As has been evidenced so often in our short history, there seems to be a beneficent hand that has provided every manner of blessings upon us, and those apparent blessings have been revealed and demonstrated at moments of great need.These blessings are ours to make the best of, yet they seem to be given us with the necessity of our own efforts to be brought to bear in their use.

The winning of our independence from tyranny against incalculable odds, the offering of a huge and rich frontier, the ferocious struggle to free the oppressed held in slavery, and to preserve a Union of freedom and liberty, and the strength and resources to liberate the world from tyranny and wholesale murder prove that we are - at heart - an idealistic people.

All of these things were made possible by Providence with the application of our best efforts, strength of character, and judicious use of will and all of our might. Now we are presented with this opportunity to free ourselves and others of the world from the tyranny of being held hostage to our energy needs by those who despise us and our liberty. I believe it is no accident that these same Islamic oppressors are the very same who seek to destroy the Chosen People, our friends and fellows, the Israelis.

Providence provides us yet another opportunity to fairly utilize it's gifts, and it is up to us to use it to the advantage of the best for humanity. As I think of it in this way, it occurs to me that the forces that prevent our receiving this gift of natural resources are forces of oppression and destruction. They call themselves environmentalists, as though they are anointed to know ever so much more than the rest of us.

 I have long thought of the Left, and it's manifestation of anti-human environmentalism, as the enemy - in more ways than just the philosophical. Now I see that they intend to dominate, and if possible, destroy the nations of liberty by their twisted and belligerent beliefs and tactics. They deprive us of these blessings in order to insure for themselves an increased influence of their political power by making the strong weak and dependant. Little does it matter to them that the strength that has sustained our freedom has provided them and a huge portion of this world with greater freedom and prosperity than has ever been seen in human history.

It really does appear,  in view of this, they do the Devil's work in tearing down this progress. The fight now will be against their intentions to return this nation, and therefore, this world, into impoverished and mean barbarism.