Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Glory Is Coming

What is glory?  We know it exists, but it's very rare in our human experience. When a miraculous and unexpected victory is achieved, elevating us suddenly from the pit of our fears and despair to the heights of success, we call that glorious. Sports often gives us that joyful experience; when a beloved team suddenly does the impossible by winning a championship, for instance.

How much greater then - exponentially greater - is the resurrection from death to eternal life in paradise? There's no deeper pit than death, and no greater height than eternal life in joy; and that is God's promise to us. Only God can do this, and it makes jealous mankind crazy. They fight back by creating counterfeit glory, and counterfeit gods.

How very sad – except for people of faith – is the timing of the ObaMessiah. Just at the moment in history when Statism/socialism is dying from bankruptcy, he came to turn America into a Euro-client state. With no regard for our history, and against all our founding principles, Obama and his minions press on diabolically. Expanding government exponentially with "free" ObamaCare blows a hole in the federal budget that we'll never be able to fill honestly, and opens the floodgates for many more entitlements.

How can we stop at medical care? Why not HousingCare, FoodCare, JobCare, and TransportationCare? All of them are important for our health, according to 'progressives'. It's very important that we care for everybody, since they aren't capable of taking care of themselves, apparently. This is the Devil's bargain: We'll take care of you, and you'll do as we say. This is a good plan for raising children, but a terrible one for adults to live under. Just ask anyone in the former Soviet Union or Red China. Every freedom you give up for security will be lost for life, and soon you'll discover the security promise is bogus as well. But by then you are a slave to the State.

Just as with Mosaic Law, the Law of the Accountant’s Ledger is nearly absolute, and catches us in its  inescapable arithmetic. When too many people are consumers of wealth, not producers, bankruptcy looms. As Margaret Thatcher famously said,"The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's money." So, here we are.

We should be grateful. Obama awakened us from the sleep that almost consumed us. It’s not easy to be grateful, though, surrounded as we are by so much wreckage. But we must try – for God’s sake and our own. God's glory always appears when the works of mankind utterly fail, as they are failing today all over the world. God's glory is eternal life and joy, which no human scheme can ever compete with. This makes God's enemies, the trolls, extremely angry.

The trolls are attacking everyone who isn't enthusiastic about the New Regime in Washington D.C. Who are the trolls? They are the furious shaming critics who need to hate and envy others, and are never content with their lot in life. There's always another problem they want to be fixed by huge government; one more aggrieved group of "victims"; another bottomless pit we must dump money into. They find problems half-way around the world for us to fix. There's never an end to the trolls' demands, and these demands must be seen for what they are: projections of the trolls' own problems. Instead of fixing themselves, they want to fix the world.

Projection, rage, and fear over dying Utopian dreams is certainly part of the troll’s syndrome. If you ask them what they're grateful for, they won't be able to say much, if anything. The so-called 'progressives'  of the Democrat Party epitomize the type, but socialists, Marxists, and some Republicans display this behavior also.

What hope can the trolls have? They believe in nothing beyond the material world. Politics and a narrow view of science are the only tools they have to understand the world. And your money, of course, seized by taxation. They've spent trillions of dollars in America - over the last fifty years - and have nothing to show for it. Like the Soviet Union, their one-time Utopia, it has all failed.

Naturally they're beside themselves. Without God; without a standard for all things beyond mankind's low standard, how can anyone remain sane in times like these? I know I couldn’t.

Watch for the coming Glory. We have Christ, the genuine Messiah, who fulfills and exceeds Mosaic Law; freeing us from the Accountant’s Ledger of death and chaos. We’ve tried to free the trolls, but they will not take our hand. It's time to let them go their way, and we will go ours.