Monday, December 27, 2010

Married to Medusa

Figuratively speaking, we conservatives and believers in God are married to an angry and vengeful spouse. She calls herself "progressive", yet she bears an ancient grudge; an obsession with victimization, enormous anger, a sense of entitlement, and a compulsion to punish us all for long-past "wrongs"; which we aren't responsible for. The Medusa tries to freeze us to stone with her fearsome and guilty gaze.

They are fellow citizens - onetime friends in many cases - who hold beliefs which are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive to those we hold; upon which our country is founded, that we used to build ourselves up into a one-time prosperous world power. Many countries in the world modeled themselves after us when we were confident and strong, and they prospered in turn.

We've become weak and deeply divided now, a house divided against itself. It cannot stand for long. We're like matter and anti-matter - mirror images of each other - in danger of exploding if brought into intimate contact. We've tried to reason with 'progressives' for decades, but there's a cognitive disconnect. We see green, and they say it's red.

We must, sooner or later, be divorced. Our world views are conflicted - asymmetrical - and our situation is hostile to liberty and freedom. Like the slaveholders of the Confederate States, these deluded Americans now take it for granted that we all must be slaves of a sort, wards of a powerful state; dependent and willing to sacrifice our souls and highest aspirations for the future.

They don't believe in souls or non-material aspirations; so, for them, it's easy to surrender what they don't claim in the first place.

This is their "new normal": The federal government will grant us more and more entitlements to be paid for by the wealthy classes who they believe have bottomless wells of cash.

At the very moment socialism/Marxism is collapsing globally, these strange Americans are doubling-down, betting - in spite of all evidence - they can craft a new nation, and a new economy built on the world's decrepit socialist/crypto-Marxist model.

It's all falling apart now: California, New York, New Jersey... the list goes on. Public employee unions have bankrupted these states, and the money isn't there to continue the game.  The federal government is bankrupt and trying to paper-over that dismal fact.

There's still time to prepare for the collapse, and we begin by appealing to God for help.