Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Ironies and Falsehoods of "Progressives"

Ask any 'progressive' if they believe in individual freedom and they will all say "Yes. Of course". But this is completely false. At every turn, 'progressives' work to build a more powerful and centralized government, reducing and eliminating individual freedom. The struggle for human rights is a zero-sum game. The more you give up to government, the fewer you have personally.

'Progressives' view corporations with alarm, and want government to control them. They think that corporations - which cannot make law - oppress us more than government, which does; never noticing the irreversible intrusions and oppression of Statist power. This has been true since the 'progressive' movement was founded, around 1900.

Communism by then had failed to catch on in Europe or America, much to the alarm of its advocates. Living standards were very high compared to the mid-19th Century, and people could move freely about the world. There was nothing stopping them from emigrating to the western U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Africa, or many other countries; setting up businesses, and flourishing. There were very few laws and regulations governing people and businesses back then. There were no income taxes, withholding deductions, or state sales taxes. You kept what you earned. Businesses faced few regulations.

Marx was wrong; workers were generally well rewarded if they remained mobile and sober. So another name had to be invented to mask Marxism, and the one they came up with was 'progessivism'. Due to a lapse of good judgment similar to our recent plunge in 2008, Woodrow Wilson, the 'progressive' candidate, won the 1912 Presidential election on a platform of, among other things, a one-term presidency - which of course he violated. In 1916 he won a second term, running on a strict peace platform, and within months the U.S. was fully engaged in World War I.  An avowed racist, he also re-segregated the armed services.

The 'progressive' relabeling trick worked in the United States, and  by 1919 we had Prohibition, the Progressive Income Tax, the Sedition Act of 1918, the Federal Reserve, and direct election of U.S. Senators - which gave unions, lobbyists, and uninformed voters direct control of the federal government. Even though Prohibition was repealed in 1933, many drugs were then outlawed, and the FBI was created and empowered to spy on us to a degree never seen before. America had survived and thrived without any drug laws at all before then.

We had real free speech before 1918. The shutting down of discourse by rules of 'political correctness' is merely a variation of the Sedition Act of 1918, which punished and often jailed people for speaking their minds. Writing about condoms and birth control got many people incarcerated back then. Political correctness is now hurting, and even killing us. We're not allowed to mention Islamic extremism, Sharia Law atrocities, or reverse racism in the mainstream media without threat of legal attacks.

We're now reaping a terrible harvest for these corruptions of the Constitution. Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve, recently gave a trillion dollar bailout to banks overseas. This is our money. Congress was not advised. We the people were not asked to approve. King George III of England never had such power. This hearkens further back, to Louis XIV of France. We're well on our way to genuine tyranny.

Progressives say they believe in science and evolution, but they don't, in truth. Conservatives are the authentic believers in evolution; holding fast to the idea that governments, modes of thought, actions in war and peace, methods of child rearing - and a dozen other forms of problem solving - have taken the shape they have because they've been proven to work over centuries. Experimentation with these norms is risky, conservatives say.

It's massively ironic that 'progressives' say they believe in biological evolution, which depends on nature's harsh law of 'the survival of the fittest'. Yet 'progressives' actively and deliberately strive to eliminate those forces from human nature.

'Progressives' love to try out new and untested ideas intended to perfect mankind and the world. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, 'progressives' endlessly theorize and experiment with schemes intended to change human nature, and make life "fairer", "kinder", "sustainable", and more abundant. They're willing to act globally with unproven ideas, and their hubris knows no bounds.

Conservatives believe there is a God, expressed as Providence; an orderly mind enveloping all Creation, which has a plan and purpose we can understand only by diligent investigation. 'Progressives' are actively anti-God, because God imposes limits and boundaries to mankind.

We must separate ourselves from people who refuse to acknowledge God, our Founders, the Constitution, and the values of the Western Tradition. The separation will come in any case, and will be easier if we prepare for it.