Friday, December 10, 2010

America's Unraveling Credibility: Incompetence or Crime?

Almost two years have elapsed since Obama and his people took office, and clearly confusion, chaos, and incoherence are the hallmarks of his administration. None of it, sadly, should surprise us. Months before he was elected it was obvious that nobody - other than Fox News -  was looking into his background or record. The so-called 'mainstream media' (which I will call the Regime Media from now on) demonized everyone who attempted to look, or who criticized Obama. They actively campaigned and covered up for him, while attacking John McCain for trivialities such as a ten-year-old false accusation of infidelity - which went nowhere.

Americans walked on eggshells regarding Obama's race. Many wanted him to win so that we could finally transcend the race issue, and this was a Democrat campaign promise. Nobody mentioned his race until he brought it up, then the threat of a "racism!" allegation was ready for deployment on anyone who resisted his momentum. He went to Berlin and promised that the planet would heal and rising ocean levels would recede, and he became the ObaMessiah, The One. Oprah signed on. He cultivated the divinity image, and got away with it. This has never worked before in America. The Regime Media gave his Messiah-hood credibility.

We citizens are now victims of a crime. At least three crimes, in fact. Our nation is being destroyed from within, and there can no longer be any doubt. The only question is whether it's deliberate. But the legal term for the first crime, reckless endangerment - a felony - doesn't distinguish. It doesn't matter. If you drive drunk, you're guilty of reckless endangerment. It's a crime even when damages are not realized. But if someone dies it can rise to the level of murder.

A pattern of reckless endangerment shows malicious intent, and is called in the law implied malice. If someone puts an apple on your head and forces you to stand while they attempt shoot at it, that's implied malice. Even if you're not physically harmed, it doesn't matter. The perpetrator has revealed himself.


The third crime is depraved indifference. If one sees others being harmed and doesn't help, call authorities, or actively remedy the situation - callously ignoring it - that's depraved indifference.

Consider all that's happening around us. Can you say there's not abundant evidence of these three crimes? Impeachment and indictment of several key political figures is the bare minimum we should expect.

When politicians go on the rampage and decide to make suicidal sacrifice of their oaths to the nation and their careers - as we saw with the 'health care' bill, which they didn't read - we know there will be dire consequences. As of now, almost two-hundred corporations have sought and received exemptions from this 'health care'  travesty.

Issues are coming to a head. The man-made global warming scam has collapsed, yet the Administration is preparing and enforcing more draconian CO2 regulations; the economic plan of the Democrats is a dismal, dangerous, and embarrassing failure;  America's allies see us withering, and are cutting deals with our emboldened enemies... there's more, but this will do for starters. Can it all be due to ineptitude alone? Even incompetent people do something well, occasionally. These events are all part of a plan.

Think of the world as a huge sting operation. Everyone is wearing a wire - whether they know it or not. Criminals are going about their chosen business with impunity - for the time being. The final criminal case, Mankind vs. The Creator of All, is being built. It's necessary that people of malice - and many of the good guys, too - not know who's operating behind the scenes. That way everyone demonstrates exactly what's in their heart.

This is our last chance as a people to wake up and smell the coffee, make the right moral choices, and take action. The days are getting short for the contending forces in this time bomb world. 

All three great religions of the world contain scripture describing God's work in these Last Days, known to Christians as Apocalypse, Armageddon, and a New Heavens and New Earth. Don't be fearful of these terms. They describe a process of truth being revealed, the final conflict, then rebirth. The battle lines are more clearly delineated every day, and the moral choices we're making are becoming more stark. The stakes are doubling, and redoubling. The end result for people of faith is all good - better by far than anything we can imagine.