Monday, May 7, 2012

Angels Walk Among Us

It's interesting to note that in most cultures and religions, belief in angels is common, and has been common for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks believed that the gods disguised themselves and came down to earth to test us, and sometimes mate with us. Their understanding of the gods squares nicely with the Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Hindu belief in angels as active messengers of the Most High Creator. The rescue from Sodom and Gomorrah of Abraham and Sarah by angels, and the Virgin Birth, are all about this.

There are dozens of books in print today which are collections of testimonies; the real-life stories of people who have come in contact with angels. Some, of course, are surely invention or fantasy, but not all by any means. Tales of angel encounters are ubiquitous and ancient.

It happened to me. I was living in England in October, 2007, and was experiencing an emotionally wrenching and painful period. One morning I was walking alone through a park in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and the sun was low and gleaming through the cool autumn leaves and bright grass in a thoroughly cheerful way, as if to say, "Things are a lot better than you think". At the edge of the park I had to stop at a red light and wait for traffic to clear.

Suddenly I felt a whisper in my right ear, a warm and wordless breath. Turning, I saw a stunningly gorgeous curly-haired blonde and blue-eyed woman of about twenty-four-years of age wearing a long, dove-grey wool coat with a fox fur-edged cowl. She was so close I could have kissed her. Only my wives or closest girlfriends have ever been so near to me.

Her eyes were blue as sapphires, and the whites as perfect as new ivory; the pupils black as raven's feathers. Her nose was finely-shaped; her lips a perfect cupid's bow and red as cherries. Her caramel cream skin glowed. Her hair was as fine gold, soft as down. My heart jumped in my chest and I was speechless.

No ordinary human woman looks like this, beautiful beyond all language and utterance. I felt almost like a Neanderthal standing next to her; flawed, old, and rough. But I felt certain she knew me, had love in her heart, and was there for me. Still, I dared not say a word nor touch her. But I felt sure we would meet someday in another realm.

The light turned green and she crossed the street quickly, head down in her cowl and long coat, perfect legs and elegant high-heels. She wore the long coat and cowl to avoid attracting a crowd. I've never seen a garment like that, and inside it she radiated nobility, riches, and joy.

She was a messenger of God, I know, and I had seen her before - but only in dreams. Beauty so sublime cannot exist on earth for very long. That's one of the messages I take away from the encounter.

The paintings of the early 19th Century English portraitist Joshua Reynolds come close to this ideal of beauty, and he seems to have been inspired by a similar vision.

Angels from hell also visit this world to wreak havoc and death. Mental hospitals and prisons hold many people who are unable to cope with the shock and horror of seeing them.. Earth is like a train station, a place of many junctions where the good and wicked of other worlds must interact with us. This is the nature of the world and the ancient battle being waged against God and man by Satan. 

Do you have a story of an encounter with a supernatural being? I would like to hear it.