Sunday, March 24, 2019

Our Demonic Age of Confusion, Fear, and Hysteria

Faith and belief in a good God require us to recognize God's opposite, an evil spirit who loathes God, rebelled against Him, crucified His son, and has been the source of all evil and death in our world. Just as God has innumerable armies of dynamic angels and saints at His command, so too does Satan have armies of devils and demons; though none can match the Archangel Michael and the more powerful Saints of Holy Spirit. Both armies are squaring off now, in ranks, for the Day of Judgment.  

If it seems to you that world events are getting much worse, take comfort in the knowledge that you're right, they really are quickly worsening. But there are good reasons for it and they all work to our eventual benefit. 

All the world's a stage, and all of us merely players, but it's also a "sting operation" like big city police departments often run. Undercover agents appear to be criminals, and the real criminals expose themselves, freely dealing with them. Audio and video evidence is gathered. After a period of time, entire crime cartels can be rolled up at once, and there's so much proof against them that a trial isn't needed (Link). They're caught dead to rights, as the saying goes. In this way the Lord is sifting out our hearts and separating the good from the evil.

For those of us who are willing to join with God, the world's strife and agony is awakening us to the power and necessity of spiritual growth. And anyway, what alternatives to God do we have? Drugs, money, sex, power, sports, and violence don't give us pleasure for long. They're dead ends, and we feel worse when they run their course. 
This is humanity's oldest problem and most painful battle. How do we fill the emptiness and soothe the pain inside? The Bible, Homer's Iliad, Rome's greatest writers, Dante, Shakespeare, Dickens, and others, illuminated our souls, our common agonies, and wounds. 

If we fail to rise to the demands of this new Day of the Lord, we won't survive the war. But if we do rise, there are unimaginably glorious honors to be had. The pleasure of being on God's side in this battle is a great reward in itself. Imagine how you'd feel being in Gen. Eisenhower's company on D-Day, and the following months of 1944-45. Conversely, how would you like being in Hitler's war room? We must choose sides. There's no middle ground anymore.

The war between our Creator and Satan is many thousands of years old. But now a time of shalom (peace, repair, wholeness, and goodness) is approaching. The ancient contest is coming to a victorious conclusion.

Never before have so many people talked openly about Armageddon, whether  caused by climate change, nuclear war, pollution, or President Trump. The media's news cycle - which used to last a week - has been shortened to around 24 hours, and the word "crisis" is used daily for every subject under the sun. Last month's "bombshells" and "scandals" are forgotten - for awhile. New crises are created or recycled every day, and they're piling high, without resolution. Hysteria is rampant and increasing. Are we not like patients in a mental hospital that's being run into the ground by other patients? 

The news just arrived that President Donald Trump has been exonerated of all supposed "collusion" and "obstruction of justice" after an almost two-year investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Since November of 2016, Leftist enemies of President Trump accused him and his associates of treason, collusion with Vladimir Putin to rig the 2016 election, and other crimes. The entire world media reported on faked events; consciously lied about the president, his family, and their associates; and assisted in the framing and conviction of innocent people. Prosecutor Mueller sent these innocent people to prison. The report Mueller has just submitted also vindicates dozens of people who were his intended targets, and who until now feared for their lives. The whole scenario was like the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 Massachusetts, on steroids. This long, demonic nightmare is finally over.

This author remembers a time - before the Twin Tower attacks on 9/11 - when prophets of doom were objects of ridicule and pity. They were socially ostracized because everyone remembered the triumphs of the western world over Russian communism, Nazism, Italian Fascism, and the Japanese Empire. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, and global optimism about the spread of representative government and human liberty was sky high. We in the west had finally won. Even Mao's China had failed and been reorganized around free market principles and basic democracy, it appeared. 
Radical Islam was not seen as a threat of any significance outside of the Middle East. The 1990's were a time of giddy optimism in the power of personal computers and the new internet revolution. The stock markets soared, vast new fortunes were created, incomes increased overall, and advances were made in all the sciences; space, the human genome and DNA, medicine, pollution control, and disease prevention. 

But underneath all of this, terrible currents were bubbling. Radical Islam was growing like a cancer that nobody wanted to see or talk about. Evidence was ignored, like the 1993 attack in New York City's Twin Tower One (6 dead, 590 wounded); the 1998 simultaneous US Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya (200 killed, 750 wounded); and in 2000, the US Navy ship Cole (17 killed, 39 wounded). These murders were carried out by Al Qaeda before anyone outside of government knew what it was. Osama Bin Laden was recognized as Al Qaeda's terrorist organizer, and he was spotted by armed drones. President Bill Clinton had an opportunity one morning to allow a drone strike to kill him, but he declined. Bad public relations, he said. 
Al Qaeda terrorists saw and knew how weak-willed we were, and grew larger by taking over the whole of Afghanistan.
It took the multiple airliners flown by Islamist madmen on September 11 to awaken us to a horrible new reality - that the good in us; the trusting, sacred and the holy, were under attack. 
Faithful Sharia Muslims believe they have a God-given right to dominate the globe, and jihad (holy war) is the violent and bloody way to accomplish it. They expect their anti-Christ messiah, the Mahdi, or Twelfth Imam, to save them when global violence peaks (Link).
The last two decades of terror since 9/11 have mostly destroyed 2,000 years of humanity's genuine progress. These have been the decades from hell.

                         Satan's Profane War on the Holy and Sacred

The terms holy and sacred are the same, and they mean "worthy of religious veneration", and "entitled to reverence and respect."
Profane means "to treat the holy or sacred with abuse, irreverence, or contempt"; "to debase by a wrong, unworthy, or vulgar use." 
Profane language has recently become socially acceptable in movies, television, and the general media. Our moral standards are in steep decline. Deviant sex is becoming normalized almost everywhere, even in grammar schools. Depravities, like the murder of babies in and out of the womb, are being legalized in many countries and American states. 

When innocent human life - the purest expression of God on earth - is no longer sacred, nothing is sacred. Who benefits from this demonic evil? And what does the word demonic mean?
Do you believe you're entitled to power over others? Do you believe you deserve to have anything you want, without limit? And that there's no power you must submit to? This is demonic thought. It's lawless, and we see it every day in the news. The desire for "empowerment" is the subject of countless daily talk shows, and the word leaps off the covers of a hundred popular books.

What happens when millions, even billions, of people seek unlimited power, privilege, rank, and wealth? The world becomes what it is right now. 
We must choose to not be demonic. We must submit to our Creator's plan for us, which means voluntarily accepting His limitations in this world. The Ten Commandments are a good start and solid foundation. Our next world will be limitless, joyful, and rich beyond measure. We'll share in God's power. 

We can't be perfectly moral all the time, of course, but we don't have to be. We're only human, so none of us is entirely one thing or another; except for the small percentage - probably less than 5% - of people who are saints or psychopathic monsters. 
So we mostly go through life in a state of indifference to the sacred or profane, and take more or less good care of our business, loved ones, and the myriad details of 21st Century life on earth.
But we hunger for more. The world is not enough for many of us, and we long to fill an emptiness inside. Drugs, violence, and excesses of all kinds claim a significant number of people, yet an equally significant number find real spiritual happiness and fulfillment.

Ours is a time of unimaginable opportunity, specifically because it appears so precarious and bleak. "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow" - Old English proverb.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Law Or Lawlessness? Your Choice

From time immemorial we humans have had difficulty following laws, and often feel oppressed by them, so we look for shortcuts. Sometimes the legal system is wrong, unfair, or designed to trap us, so we feel justified in violating laws. Many times we just see an opportunity to advance or enrich ourselves and our families, so we're willing to risk punishment for those gains. 

There are two legal systems we need to be aware of. The laws of human society on the one hand, and the laws of God on the other. Atheists will laugh at this, since they recognize no God, and thus no law from that quarter. They believe ultimate freedom comes from seeing as few limitations as possible. But even they must consider the laws of physics which surround us inside and out. Bravado and nerve won't save us from the consequences of physical recklessness. And then there's "heat death", entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, which states that our bodies, and the whole universe, are doomed to go cold and die.

We take the hundreds of laws of physics and chemistry for granted, but until fairly recently they were almost unknown. Thanks to the 16th Century mathematician Isaac Newton, we know of gravity, inertia, thermodynamics, and optics. These are only a few of the many laws of the universe that apply across the entire 13.8 billion-year-old cosmos we see through the Hubble Space Telescope and other instruments that orbit our earth (Link)
The laws of light and chemistry, too, are everywhere exactly the same. So we know the chemical composition of stars anywhere in the cosmos, from any age, by studying their light spectrum; which shows the elements they're burning.

We now know that the universe began its existence with a so-called Big Bang, a titanic explosion that sent material racing outward from a single source. All of matter, time, and space were also simultaneously created, according to most modern scientists and astrophysicists, and there's abundant evidence to prove it. Not only that, but we've discovered a mysterious force that's causing the expanding universe to accelerate (Link).

A fixed and unchanging network of laws always governed the material universe as it does now. Is it reasonable to credit this event to "accident" or "evolution"? A mind of unutterably vast power must have been the architect and driving force.
The very substance of our bodies - the elements of which we're made - were forged and "cooked" in the cores of long-dead stars that exploded at the end of their multi-million-year lives. All the heavy metals, particularly, had to be forced into existence by stellar nuclear blasts, and then recycled into planets.

Is it too preposterous to think that the Creator of All might also know what we must do to build and maintain civilization? Let's start with an easy law, "You shall not murder". How hard is that? We can kill and eat animals, defend ourselves against predators, and hostile armies. But we must not murder our own. How difficult can that be?

Well, today we're discovering that large numbers of our fellow citizens are determined to murder babies, and they even claim that it's a "Constitutional right". These same individuals - so-called Progressives, Democrats, and Leftists - won't allow the execution of convicted mass killers, because "human life is a precious thing", they say. Innocence and guilt mean NOTHING to them (Link).  
If you don't agree with their position on abortion, you are not welcome in their groups and parties. 

America's most prolific serial murderer, Kermit Gosnell, is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole in a federal prison for aborting full-term, healthy babies over his 17 year career in Philadelphia. Recent changes in New York and Virginia law now make his crimes legal. This is a level of depravity previously unimaginable in the the United States.
If babies aren't safe, who is next? The old and infirm; the handicapped; and we "deplorables" who stand in the way of "progressives" (thank you Hillary Clinton)(Link).
Curiously, we're the only known animals that have the free will not only to violate laws, but forgive heinous crimes at our whim; applying the legal machinery selectively to punish those we dislike or reward  those we like - which puts us in grave peril.

The fastest way to turn a rich and successful nation into a bankrupt and deadly hell hole is to allow lawless people to gain power. Venezuela is only the latest example of a socialist, dying, and once-wealthy country (Link).
Marxism-socialism teaches that the opinions of the majority are pre-eminent. They are all that matter, subject to the decisions of an elite ruling class.
Traditional beliefs and values are discarded as baseless. 
It's called nihilism, and it's been tried before.  Inevitably it leads to destruction, personal and societal. Nobody can be moral and hold the belief that there is no objective truth, since there can then be no moral truth either.

God IS Law, the Creator of Laws, and the enforcer of Truth. God often chooses not to punish us, but to be merciful and allow us to learn why laws are good for us. Legal limitations often enhance the quality of our lives, serving as guardrails that stop us from going off moral cliffs. 
God wants us to know Truth, and Law, and Mercy.

If, however, we persist in our lawlessness and ignorance, we become invisible to God. We cease to exist in His eyes, and our sanity, our mental balance, will be destroyed as we recede from the Divine. At this point we are worthless and doomed to eternal pain and suffering. We are fuel for the universal furnace. 

 "The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness,  and will cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" - Matthew 13:41-43

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Is A World Without Borders Possible? Who Would Want To Live In It?

If we want our home nation to survive intact - or any other nation on the planet - secure borders are essential; and all desirable ones have strict immigration laws. A country is like a city. Can Paris survive without boundaries, laws, rules, armed police, or locked entries? Would you mind if lawless mobs roamed the Champs Elysees? 

               Evening in Paris, on the Champs Elysees (Fr., Elysian Fields)
The sovereignty of your home, family, and property is also dependent upon locked doors, windows, and property lines. Is it alright with you if a strange family sets up a tent on your property and moves into it without your permission?
Apparently the liberal, socialist, 'progressive' politicians think it is; but not the donors, the wealthy Ruling Class, or their relatives. They have secure, walled compounds, armed guards, and a legal system that favors them. The laws you and I have to obey are far more rigid than the ones the Merkels, Mays, Macrons, Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Gores, or Bidens are subject to. 
We now have a clear, two-tier legal system in place here in the United States. 
General David Petraeus and Dinesh D'Souza went to prison (and President Trump and his family are now vulnerable, too) for transgressions that Democrats joke about. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama paid small fines for campaign violations in the millions. Felonies are only a problem for those without money or connections to the global Ruling Class. 

The EU, UN, and its satellites are trying to bring one-world government to the whole planet. They're condemning "nationalists", that is, anyone who is resisting their totalitarian vision. 

We're in a very dangerous time. These people are acting against God and everything we faithful people hold dear. They are universally agnostics, atheists, or anti-theists. Some are active Satanists. 
God always intended that His people, we who are members of His royal family, should have their our own nation. Israel was the first holy nation:

The United States was the second nation founded on God's principles, elucidated in its founding documents. Judeo-Christianity and the Ten Commandments have been the bedrock of our civilization for thousands of years. Every good thing we have comes from this source, and our recent losses are due to our rebellion and neglect of God and His Laws. 

Fascinating, isn't it, that the American Ruling Class has decided to make a Mexican border wall (actually the issue of national sovereignty vs. alien invasion) a decisive battle of Armageddon

Nobody on our side of this issue should be surprised. Walls and boundaries are a great metaphor. They're elemental to our existence at every level, from childhood to our last day; and determine our quality of life and civilization.

It's said by psychologists and philosophers from Freud and Jung to Plato that every person needs a 'censor' to control the base urges of the ID, our primitive self, which dwells in the basement of our mind, so to speak. Savage urges of all kinds must be tamed or stopped from coming up to consciousness, or we may be rude, crude, or repulsive to the point of criminality. Picture a soldier with a baton, or a warrior angel. The successful censor must be strong and diligent. Depending on many factors of birth, genetics, parenting, and culture, every person is different; and the entities trying to come up may be more or less violent.

Creative and good forces, too, may try to come up. The censor must be very smart or wise to determine which are good or evil. Ideally, a healthy concept of God should be our censor, using the wisdom and knowledge of history to determine who comes up to consciousness or not. It's rarer than ever, now, in our scientific age, that people even think of this, which is an awful vulnerability and the reason we're seeing a universal breakdown of civilization. 
Absent the power of God, the influences of drugs, alcohol, or cunning and clever people can overwhelm our censor and defeat him. Civilization crumbles if there's no agreement between all our individual censors. Nations are in essence huge collections of censors who agree on standards, laws, punishments and rewards. 

Marxist, socialist, progressive, atheists and anti-theists have used psychology and the black arts to undermine our collective censors for two centuries, and they think they smell victory now. They've successfully occupied or compromised almost every institution on the planet: churches, schools, universities, governments, charities, and even military defense forces. 
The globalist Ruling Class has come to an agreement that if they can't control the wealth and power of the world, they would rather crash the whole system into a ditch, and exploit the global chaos. The chaotic EU is halfway to a no borders world, and the rulers don't give a damn about the rights and property of the majorities of those countries. It's all about the powers and privileges they see as their birthright. 
They're terrified of President Trump, and know he will throw a monkey wrench into the whole machine. We're in a final battle of our age. Probably not THE final, but one of them. 

Perhaps you think belief in God is foolish? This author thought so. But then God arrived, unexpectedly. Consider this:

Here is a great poem for our troubled age:                                          

               If - by Rudyard Kipling

IF you can keep your head when all about you   
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;   
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;   
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;   
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;   
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,   
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,   
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   

    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

We Are In a Battle to the Death With The Prince of This World, Whose Name Is Satan

Jesus said, "The time for judging this world has come, when Satan, the ruler of this world, will be driven out." - John 12:31. 
The century-long war against God, Armageddon, is almost over.
Fear not. We will win because we are on God's side. We are in His royal family. 
True, it's painful and uncomfortable to believe in God and trust in His promises these days. Our friends and family may ridicule or even persecute us. We may lose our jobs, spouses, homes, and bank accounts. 
Everywhere we look, violence and murder of peaceful religious men and women is surging. Christians by the millions used to live in the Middle East, and had done so for 2,000 years, long before Muslims existed. But just in the last decade they've been tortured, driven out, or killed, mostly by Muslims. Even in the Western world, Christians are under relentless assault by atheists and anti-theists who call themselves "progressives...democratic socialists...Marxists...Satanists": 

Anti-Semitism, the hatred of Jewish people, is on the increase too, worldwide. Jews are being persecuted viciously in almost every nation, even those where they've lived in peace for many generations. 
The nation of Israel is under murderous assault right now, and a war with Iran, which uses Lebanon as a military base, could erupt at any moment. For twelve years, and in violation of numerous United Nations decrees, Iran has formed a huge army in Lebanon called Hezbollah, armed with every modern military weapon and stationed all along the northern border with Israel. They are trying to tunnel into Israel at this very moment, and Israelis destroy all the tunnels they can find, but Hezbollah is relentless. This area includes the plain of Har Megiddo, or Armageddon in the New Testament.

Israel and the United States share a deep bond, because they're founded on the idea that our Creator gives us rights; to life, liberty, and property; the freedom to choose our own course in the world. No human entity, no church or government, can take these rights from us. God sees us as individuals who will choose Him as our model to live by, if we're allowed to choose the best path. 

Judeo-Christianity is the bedrock of the Western Tradition, which produced the people, cities, and nations which are - by far - the best places to live on the entire globe. Which is why most people want to live in the West, and leave their Godless, collapsing countries. 
Israel is the last outpost of real democracy in the Middle East, and it cannot be allowed to die. The United States is the last outpost of real democracy in the world as a whole. We and Israel are linchpins of each other, and lighthouses in the long dark night of this world. We'll live or die together.

Jesus Christ and all the prophets who preceded him came to warn and plead with the world to love and honor our Creator. Almost all of them suffered mightily or were killed for their efforts, but they were given the priceless victory of eternal life in Heaven. 
The world ignored, and still ignores, their warning that Hell - unutterably terrible, and eternal punishment - awaits those who fight or provide aid and comfort for the enemies of the Lord.  He has been and is now telling us our time is up. The globe is teeming and ripe for the fulfillment of the promised resurrection. Christ is coming back, as He promised, and this time things will turn out very differently. He will destroy the Devil and his rotten works, and will reign over a reborn world, a paradise we can only barely imagine. If we admit our errors and swallow our pride by pledging ourselves to God, we will not share the fate of the evil ones. 

Rebellion and pride lie deep within our natures, and cause almost all our suffering on earth, but we often blame God for our suffering. Why? 
We're either our own worst enemies, or our own best friends. We choose to take drugs and lead a criminal life; or we choose to be doctors, builders, and donors to charity.
The world as a whole has rebelled against God from the beginning, more than 5,700 years ago, according to the Jewish calendar. Our record of crimes is always the same. We lie, cheat, steal, murder, covet enviously, ignore sacred days, erect false gods, and commit adultery. Worst of all, we sometimes claim to be just like God! Can you believe it? It's called hubris, and it's a virus of the mind, a plague that touches us all. 

Oh sure, some people are far worse than others, but none of us is innocent. If we admit our transgressions, forgiveness is abundant; a gift from the Lord. But the vast majority of humanity is ignorant and unaware that they are living on borrowed time, and are standing at the edge of The Pit, the Inferno. We humans love to flirt with danger. Have you ever seen the X Games on television? Or the flying suit guys who jump out of airplanes? Or the volcano enthusiasts? It's in our nature.

Now we have weapons of total destruction. It's obvious that we will destroy ourselves unless the Creator of All, visible and invisible, returns to change us.

Many people are discouraged from keeping their faith in God and Scripture because modern authorities contend that there is no hard evidence that characters and places in the Bible truly existed. Here are nine archaeological discoveries that show the falseness of that claim:

For the first time in perhaps 1,700 years, we don't have churches that can offer us real support and healing. Satanic forces have deeply corrupted every church and every religion on earth. Under the guise of "compassion", "progress", and "non-judgmental counseling", the genuine Truth of God, and His Word, have been displaced by "mercy" and "niceness". 

The Catholic Church was, until the death of John Paul II, a fairly reliable fortress of God's power and knowledge. But now the Prince of This World is firmly ensconced in all the seats of religious power on the planet. 

The good news is, as Protestants have always taught, we can "dig our own well in our hearts", so to speak. We can establish our own lines of communication with God by prayer and sincere offers of recompense. 
Be prepared for strife, however. As Jesus told us many times, His message will not be welcomed by most people in this world. If He came to earth today in the flesh, he would quickly be crucified all over again:

Isn't it clear that the world's strife is caused by its rebellion against God? Be sure you know the full consequences of being on the wrong side of this issue.

Make peace with your Creator now. It's easier than you think during this season, and it may be your last chance.
Have a happy New Year!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Hell Is Real, and Most of Humanity Is Doomed

It's very unfashionable to believe Hell exists, or even discuss the possibility of Hell in our modern age. Which is very odd, because we've done more to create Hell on earth in the last 170 years than any other people in history. Modern industrial warfare began with the Crimean War in 1853, where over 450,000 people were killed, and 80,000 wounded, before it was over 2 1/2 years later. We know about the mass deaths and total destruction of great cities in the 20th Century, and the hellish conditions that lasted decades for some. Hundreds of millions died, and billions suffered unspeakable horrors which scarred their souls forever. 

Aside from wars there are other forms of Hell. Famines, plagues, poverty, and diseases afflict billions today. But the least discussed source of Hell is mental illness, which is for millions an incurable and unrelenting nightmare. Nameless terror, paranoia, and uncontrollable rage grip people mercilessly, and they can't find any pleasure in life. Murders and suicides follow. 

Ironically, the fabulous inventions of science can't do much to alleviate humanity's pain and agony. Psychiatry has turned out to be of little use.  Surgery, penicillin, anesthetics, and drugs of tremendous power help, but only in those advanced nations that allow them and can pay. Most countries aren't able to take full advantage of these scientific wonders. Their economies are unstable, tyrants steal much of their wealth, and chaos reigns in large regions ruled by criminals. Their suffering is ancient and has no foreseeable end. 

Is there a worse Hell than these, the Hells we see on film and television? Oh yes, much, much worse. The first person to attempt a description of spiritual Hell, the one our souls might go to, was Dante Alighieri (1265 - 1321). He was a soldier, physician, and poet from a prosperous Florentine family, but was forced to choose sides in a bloody civil war between the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor. He had a price on his head for many years, and he knew suffering. Dante's greatest work was the three-chapter Divine Comedy, and particularly the first chapter, Inferno (Hell) Link.  It's been one of the most popular books ever written, a best-seller since 1300, and has inspired the world's greatest writers. 

This isn't proof of Hell, but it conforms to the testimony of many thousands who have experienced severe injury, near death, and have come back to talk about it. This author has seen it. It's worse than any earthly Hell, and there's no end. Death is no escape because our souls, which originate with God, cannot die.  

The words of Jesus provide many references and warnings of Hell. In Luke 16:19-31, our Lord describes how a wealthy, religious, proud, and ignorant man descends into the Inferno (Link).  Also, see Mathew 25:41-46; 22:13; and 25:30. Hell is "an eternal fire", where there will be "weeping and gnashing of teeth". Hell is an eternal drowning in Matthew 18:16. 
Most of humanity is doomed, according to Christ in Matthew 7:12-20: "Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction."

But, you might say, "What about Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus? They don't  believe in eternal punishment." Oh yes, they certainly do. The Muslim Jahannam (Link) is just like the Christian Hell. Hindus and Buddhists fear the terrible Naraka (Link).

Maybe you're a maverick and an individualist who wants to go his or her own way. Perhaps you think you're smarter and wiser than the 85% of believing humanity through the ages. This author certainly understands, having been an atheist and agnostic for many years, early on in life. You are free to choose any path, but just know that death is final, reincarnation is not assured, and we will all face the judgment of our Creator eventually.

People often ask, "Why would a kind God create Hell and throw people in it?" Answer: because it's justice, which is an essential quality of God. People go to Hell because they're criminals at heart, lawless rebels, thieves, murderers, pedophiles, sadists... the list is very long. 
Also, criminals create their own Hell wherever they congregate; it's who they are. Cruelty and hatred are in their being, and their environment reflects their being, just as prisons do. God could empty-out Sing Sing and make it a paradise, but it would become Hell within hours after the prisoners returned. Mercy, too, is a major attribute of God, but only when coupled with justice. If we repent and reform, we can be worthy of mercy. Otherwise, mercy is worthless. 

Here is an ancient vision of Hell and Heaven written by Enoch, who is known by Scripture and tradition as the great-grandfather of Noah:

How can we avoid Hell and attain the many ascending worlds that lead to Heaven? First of all we must take seriously and live according to the Ten Commandments. We must believe, and then later know, that God gave them to us and they are the foundation of all civilization:

What if we stumble and fail to keep these commandments? We can be forgiven, even if we murder. Truly. But there is one sin that cannot be forgiven:
"You shall not carry the Lord's name in vain." That is, if you falsely claim to be acting in God's name by proselytizing, or in any way playing the priest or priestess, you will be cut off with no hope. 

Once we grasp how easy it is to live and honor the Ten Commandments we will understand the priceless gift they are to humankind. Particularly the Sabbath, the day of rest. Before Moses set this in stone, most people - and their animals - rarely had a day of rest at all; unless their owner, boss, or king said they could. Pharaoh typically worked his slaves to death, and they had no intrinsic value. Moses and the Exodus gave freedom and worth to a new nation, Israel, which means, "Struggles with God". The Israelites were free to question and debate God. The Book of Job proves that we can even call Him to account for His actions. And God rewarded Job for calling Him to account! This had never existed before.

Act now, before it's too late. Time is short and eternity is... well...long.
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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Are There Any Liberal Leftists Amongst Us?

For most of the 20th Century, the terms liberal and leftist were synonymous. President Franklin Roosevelt (1882 - 1945} was the foremost liberal politician in the western world, and after World War II, his style, personality, and words were imitated, copied, and studied for many decades by the free world. The United Nations, too, was his dream; a liberal ideal. Roosevelt famously said:

"We look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms. The first is freedom of speech and expression. The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way. The third is freedom from want. The fourth is freedom from fear." 

"No democracy can long survive which does not accept as fundamental to its very existence the recognition of the rights of minorities." 

"The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate. Any nation or group of nations which employs hatred eventually is torn to pieces by hatred."

"As Americans, we go forward in the service of our country, by the will of God... I sometimes think that the saving grace of America lies in the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans are possessed of two great qualities - a sense of humor and a sense of proportion." 

These have always been the watchwords of the classic liberal: freedom of speech and expression; freedom to worship God as one chooses; freedom for minorities of all kinds; recognizing hate groups as destructive; recognition of God and His works in America's foundation; and the sense of humor and proportion - not extremism. 

But a terrible thing has happened. The Left is no longer respectful of religion or liberal at all. If you don't like abortion, big government, high taxes, restrictions on the freedoms of speech and minority opinions (even on college campuses); or are critical of the violence we're seeing every day against law enforcement and those who disagree with mobs, then you are open to every lie, slander, and calumny. You will be threatened and harmed by Leftists of every stripe, masquerading as liberals, progressives, 'democratic socialists', or whatever the newest label for totalitarianism is. At their root, Leftists are totalitarians who will crush all free thought and individuality, just as China, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela have done. 
On June 24, 2017, Representative Steve Scalise, Louisiana, a Republican House Majority leader, was shot and nearly killed by a rifle-wielding Leftist who was angry that his candidate, Leftist Bernie Sanders, lost to President Trump. Six others were wounded before the gunman was shot and killed by police. A list of a dozen other conservative Congressmen he planned to kill was found in one of his pockets (Link). 
Death threats from the Left are routine and openly paraded by western media. Comedian Kathy Griffin was applauded last year for displaying a blood-dripping, severed wax head of President Trump (Link). The New York Times this week published a fictional scenario that featured the assassination of President Trump by a Russian spy, aided by the president's own Secret Service bodyguards. 
This is the opposite of liberalism, and a violation of ethics never seen before in the U.S., except by the Left in the last eighteen years. We never hear anyone  in the so-called liberal community condemn these acts, and they all speak and march in lockstep conformity. If any Republicans ever acted in this way, the entire media would crucify them. The Left never criticizes itself, except for being too moderate. Their hypocrisy is gargantuan; on a level never seen before.  

The truth is today's modern Leftists are openly communist, fascist, and racist:

Our battle for freedom is beginning anew; taking a nonviolent path. The voting booths of free nations are the frontlines in this larger war which is rooted in Scripture; since Abraham, Moses, and Christ. Your reward for choosing God's side in this conflict is greater than you can imagine:  

We will experience a new birth of freedom in America if you join the millions of us who trust in God, the country we built together over four centuries, and the destiny of faithful, free people of good will. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

The 14th Dalai Lama: "Europe belongs to the Europeans"

The 14th Dalai Lama is a figure of great prominence, and according to polls, is "the world's most popular leader." He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, and has traveled the globe for decades, effectively speaking out against tyranny, poverty, oppression, and the obligations we have toward each other as human beings. A great number of people have likened him to the prophets of Scripture, both Eastern and Western. He's the 14th leader of the Tibetan wing of Buddhism (a lineage of high priests that dates back to the 15th Century), and is renowned and venerated for facing and denouncing the Communist Chinese for their invasion of Tibet in 1950. A violent revolution forced him to flee his country in 1959, and he was until recently the head of the Tibetan government in exile: Link.

The world-wide Leftist-Socialist-Progressives have for many years quoted, flattered, and used him to further their agendas, but that hasn't always worked well for them. The Dalai Lama caused a firestorm on September 13 while visiting Sweden. Speaking from the city of Malmo, which has been besieged by thousands of Muslim refugees and is suffering an epic violent crime wave, the Lama said, "I think Europe belongs to the Europeans... ultimately they [refugees] should rebuild their own country."  Link.

He was invited to Sweden to speak at a the 80th anniversary of an aid organization, and entitled his talk The Art of Happiness and Peace. Previously he has said that ethnicities are highly dependent on religion, and countries can be literally shattered by waves of people with contrary ideas to their native beliefs. Many other EU member nations besides Sweden are suffering horrific terror from radical Islamists. He has said, "Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country. Germany is Germany. There are so many [refugees] that in practice it becomes difficult... From a moral point of view, too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily."

This is an ancient and simple truth we in the modern world have forgotten; a fatal catastrophe unfolding daily before our eyes. The West has been generous to refugees and immigrants for many years, but increasing crime and strife are causing a backlash. Most refugees - Muslim and otherwise - can't or won't integrate into their host societies.

Canada is enduring a permanent state of high tension with Quebec, a French-speaking country sandwiched in between its English-speaking provinces. The Quebec Sovereignty Movement nearly tore Canada apart decades ago, but, because they at least share a European cultural heritage and legal system, Canadians were persuaded that their prosperity depended on borderless cooperation, so they managed to stay relatively unified.

But this cannot happen when radical and oppositional cultures flood into a host country. One culture or the other will take over. For example, Islamic Law, called Sharia, is a 7th Century system that totally undermines modern societies. A single theft can result in your hand being chopped off; adultery, being raped, or being gay invoke the death penalty. There's no presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and the rules of evidence we in the West demand are almost non-existent. In addition, the birth rates of these refugees are far higher than their host countries. This lopsided demographic fact - if left unchecked - will ultimately doom all of Western civilization and every other religion but Islam. This is another reason why the Lama spoke out. Buddhism and Hinduism, too, will be destroyed. Islam (which means submission) allows no competitors. Christians and Jews all over the Middle East have suffered persecution and mass murder in the last decade:

Coincidentally, Buddhist priest sex abuse was another issue the Dalai Lama had to confront this week. Not only Catholics, but all other religions have similar problems. Corrupt predators infest religious authority everywhere, to some degree. This is another sign of The Tribulation, a period of great crime and suffering in the world, prophesied thousands of years ago by Judeo-Christian Scripture.  

The Dalai Lama speaks about his life's mission in this Swedish television interview from 2010. English is spoken from the 1:17 mark: